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$1.16 Million Bugatti EB 110 SS Dauer is One of Five Original Hypercars

This EB 110 SS Dauer Is Worth Every Penny

Published August 29, 2017

A Bugatti from 22 years ago? It is called the EB110, but this particular one has a special follow up word – the Dauer. Welcome the Bugatti EB 110 SS Dauer for sale at the Joe Macari of London. The seller looks to fetch $1.16 million for it, and it may be the case that this thing is worth every penny.

bugatti ev 110 ss dauer

Bugatti produced 139 EB 110 cars from 1991 to 1995 when they went bankrupt. After that, a German company called Dauer Sportwagen bought everything that was left of Bugatti at a public auction. While taking inventory of their newly acquired goods, they found 15 engines for the EB 110, as well as at least 7 complete chassis and a truckload of other parts. Not wanting to waste any of the pieces intended for production models, Dauer decided to make their own Bugatti.

bugatti ev 110 ss dauer

Dauer leaped into action and produced a few models of their own, but not without adding some special touches to them such as a plaque between rear lights and some decorations in the interior. Then, for the last five cars, they went berserk, exchanging the exterior panels with carbon fiber ones, slashing the weight by an astonishing 500+lbs. On some cars, they even upgraded the engine output from 612hp (for the SuperSport model) to 645 hp or even 705 hp.

bugatti ev 110 ss dauer

The car that Joe Macari has for sale in London received the 612 hp engine. Assembled back in 2002, the EB 110 SS Dauer was adorned with a stunning Black exterior and carmine red full leather interior. If that’s not enough, it only has 652 miles on the clock. An instant classic, wouldn’t you agree?

bugatti ev 110 ss dauer

While you certainly may drool over the first on US soil, this astonishing piece of the car certainly shows where the Veyron and, subsequently the Chiron come from.

This Bugatti EB 110 SS Dauer Can Reach Lamborghini Aventador Top Speed

bugatti ev 110 ss dauer

As far as numbers game goes, the original 560 hp EB 110 from 1991 was capable of reaching 62 mph in 3.5 seconds. The SS with 612 hp, according to motoring journalists of the time, could do the feat in 3.3 seconds and reach a top speed of more than 217 mph. Then, there was the 645 hp monster from Dauer. According to racing driver Jochen Dauer himself, that car (with carbon exterior and much less weight) could do 62 mph in 3.2 seconds (possibly even faster) and Dauer claims he even saw 400 km/h on the dash once (248.5 mph).

bugatti ev 110 ss dauer

The version for sale in London only makes 612 hp and tops out around 216 mph, but something tells us that’s going to be more than enough power. It does, after all, feature a 3.5 L V12 with not one, not two, not even three, but four turbochargers. Nifty.

Apart from that, the car comes with two keys, full documentation, German registration docs and service records.


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