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$10,000 Grudge Match Ends in Disaster

When Disaster Strikes, Ego Takes a Back Seat

Earlier this year, a tragic accident nearly cost a drag-racer his life. It all started when two racers found themselves in a Facebook battle with both drivers claiming to be the baddest around. Eventually, a $10,000 wager was made, and the two settled on the date for a showdown of epic proportions.

“Da Boogeyman” came from Colorado while “Honey Badger” made his way up from Oklahoma. The race was set to take place at a no-prep drag strip just outside of Wichita Kansas. This was also the first race of the day, making it one of the most dangerous due to untested track conditions. The drivers squared up, ready to throw down for a cool $10k.

As you can see in the video, the race started out perfectly fine. Around 2 seconds in, we see our friend in the Chevy Camaro lose control and start to veer off to the right. An over-correction then sends him veering into his competitor’s lane where a collision is narrowly avoided. A more dramatic over-correction saves him from the left wall, but sends him careening into the right wall. upon impact, the vehicle is tossed over the wall and continues to flip an estimated 5 times.

Luckily, David Hildebrand was able to walk away from the accident mostly uninjured. The only casualty that day was the Chevy Camaro Hildebrand and his team had built: a true testament to the safety harnesses and life restraints required in such high-caliber drag monsters.

The story got even more interesting after it was revealed that Honey Badger actually suffered a technical malfunction that slowed his vehicle down just before Hildebrand came into his lane.

In a cruel twist of fate, on his way back to Colorado, Da Boogeyman’s trailer caught fire and was a total loss. It is suspected that the wrecked Camaro played a role in sparking the blaze which consumed everything inside.

It’s always important to know the risks before getting behind the wheel, especially in a car with a horsepower number that more closely resembles an SAT score. Buckle up.

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Calvin Escobar
About Calvin Escobar

The Car scene is so diverse Where I come from, most enthusiasts recognize the amazing engineering (particularly the engines). The bulk of the ridicule originates from the manner in which many of the vehicles are modded/maintained. Thus, the jokes and or hate tends to be aimed more at the owner rather than the machine. All of which makes seeing properly sorted old Toyota's and Hondas at car meets, auto shows, and track days all the more refreshing.

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