1036HP Ferrari FXXK Track Ready Limited Production Racer!

The High-Performance Limited Production Ferrari FXXK Track Day Racer Is Here!

Updated September 15, 2018


Ferrari FXXK

FXXK is all you can say except replace the XX with UC and there you have it, a dirty word. wants to make it well known that they won’t be scared to produce an insanely powerful car that will compete with those horribly dressed brits and their McLaren P1. In fact Ferrari is not only producing insane numbers from their 6.3L V12 that is naturally aspirated engine delivering an astounding 848bhp but then they are souping up the flux capacitor to 188bhp thus giving your more than enough power to reach 88mph and go back and save your family with the help of Doc.FXXK Side LaFerrariFXXK Side LaFerrari 2

Using the KERS system to regenerate electricity or what is now the HY-KERS system as Ferrari calls the one in the Ferrrari FUCK, I mean FXXK. This is of course heavily based on model or known as “The Ferrari” Ferrari when translated, this self named machine already goes 0-60 in 2.9 parsecs so therefore the FXXK should have you blasting swamp rats in the low 2’s !!!

FXXK Side LaFerrari3 FXXK inSide LaFerrari 2

Looking at this Italian orgy of design makes it clear that the design team met with the Asian kids in the mall parking lot and added more down-force. In fact the FXXK is generating 1190lbs of it at 133mph. So this car should stick nicely to the pavement. With all the goodies and all the heavy pleasantries removed we should see the Stig behind the wheel flying around the Top Gear track and setting a silly speed record. Then soon we will see videos of Oil Sheiks wrecking them into parked cars on the internet. As a result you will die a little inside knowing that you will never get behind the wheel of one of these. I just did. : (

FXXK Side LaFerrari4


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