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The 1,700hp Lancer Evolution Mitsubishi Should Have Built

It’s Vicious. It’s Powerful. It’s…Greek?

Updated July 26, 2017

In my opinion, when Mitsubishi discontinued the Evo package for the Lancer, it completely devalued the Lancer name. Now, I know that’s how things were back in the day before the Evo made its debut, but the old Lancer was actually a good car. The new ones, well…not so much. However, while Mitsubishi may have tainted the Evo name in spectacular fashion, a Greece-based tuning company has brought the EVO IX out of retirement with a 1,700hp version capable of a running a 7.902 quarter mile at 185 mph. A lot to take in, I know.

The car is the product of eXtreme-tuners. The Greek company de-stroked it to 1.8 liters and fitted it with a colossal turbo with a carbon fiber impeller sticking out where the front right headlight should be. All of this allows it to rev up to 13,000 RPM and dishes out a whopping 1,700hp.

The Lancer EVO is known for its impressive and intuitive handling but in this case, the car has so much power that the driver has to fight to maintain it under torque steer. While this video shows the Evo setting a world record pass at 7.902 seconds, it has recently bested its own score.

The team took it for another outing, and according to eXtreme-tuners’ Facebook page, the car had so much power that it went through 5 rear-differentials and a carbon fiber driveshaft in one night.

The team only had two successful passes but achieved a blistering 7.884-second quarter-mile at 185.54 mph. While it may not be very realistic or practical by any means, it’s wicked fast and is bound to bring a smile to your face…or maybe you just think it’s plain stupid.

Either way, I think we can all agree that we miss the Evo and we’d be super stoked if Mitsubishi ever got their headlights out of their tailpipes for long enough to realize that the Mirage ain’t cuttin’ it.

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