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1970 440 GTX – Plymouth Power Pilgrim

This 510 HP 1970 Plymouth GTX is one of a kind.

Updated June 6, 2017

Ah yes Plymouth, you never were supposed to be the sought after branding that made men drool and women’s knees weak. Instead you were a company that was suppose to drive the American spirit of getting the finer things in life for less. Being Chrysler’s low man on the totem pole wasn’t such a bad gig for many speed hungry & horny buyers in the 60’s though. It was more like the Plymouth Neon, Laser  and Caravan that caused you a slow and unimpressive death in 2000. But let’s not talk about that minutia and instead focus on some of the finer things under the Plymouth badge like this kick ass GTX!


The Superbee seems to get a lot of the attention as it was the more affordable and lighter variant in the Plymouth lineup. But this GTX is a 440 6 pack packing beast. In this bad boy is a clean 440 producing 510hp connected to a 4 on the floor then to a Dana 60 axle with 4:10 gearing. So this is pretty much a bullet proof muscle car that would take on the form of John Wayne. Big, bad and says Pilgrim a lot.


This 70 Plymouth GTX was the work of years of full rotisserie style restoration work and by the looks of it, they left it on just a little to long and slightly burnt the skin. Lots of polished goodies and some extra handling thanks to Hotchkis Performance parts. This baby sold at auction for just under 90k.

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