1987 Buick GNX Chassis number #003 To Be Sold At An Auction Next Year

Will it become the most expensive Buick GNX ever?

Published December 15, 2017

I wrote a fine short article about the best Buick ever – . Now, there is one for sale. And not just any, mind you. This is the first Buick GNX ever sold to the public. Chassis #003.

1987 buick gnx

Considering that #001 and #002 are already owned by GM, this one, the third ever produced and the first one ever delivered to a customer definitely is the one GNX a serious collector has to have.

1987 Buick GNX For Sale in only a few weeks

, the first Buick GNX with a chassis number #003 is expected to be the most expensive Buick GNX ever sold.


1987 buick gnx

Previously, in 2015, one became a $165k car after Barrett-Jackson sold it at an auction to a private bidder. That one had only 362 miles on the clock. This one, on the other hand, covered exactly 10,790 miles in its lifetime.

How’s that?

Well, the #003 actually was a demo car many magazines and car-related media used for testing purposes. Now you might think this is, regardless of its low mileage, a used up car. But you would be wrong. See, after about 5,000 miles worth of journalist testing, the car was sold to Fischer Buick of Troy, Mich. He bought it in 1988, but after covering only 3,000 miles with it, the car was sold in 1989. Since then, the 1987 GNX had only a few driving stints before settling into a climate-controlled garage in 1992. There it stayed to this day.

1987 buick gnx

Ok, sitting and not even idling usually results in a car in a worse condition than if it were actually driven during the period. However, Barrett-Jackson did ensure everyone that the car was restored to its “like-new” condition only recently. It is perfectly mechanically sound and can be driven. Hard.

1987 buick gnx

Shall the next owner chose to drive it is up to him or her (because, why not – a girl behind the wheel of the best Buick – awesome)?!

1987 buick gnx

“The car survived its long slumber quite well, but needed a good complete mechanical service and very extensive cosmetic reconditioning to return the car to its original 1987 press-introduction appearance. The chassis and engine compartment were returned to as-new condition while preserving the originality of this special car. It features a 3.8-liter engine with an automatic transmission and has 10,790 actual miles.”

It Was Faster Than The Chevrolet Corvette

As you probably know, this car was quite an undertaking for the Buick. With only 500 units produced, it was a GM product “faster-than-a-vette”. Not everyone like that fact about it. 60 mph cracked in 5.7 seconds and a quarter of a mile time in 13.8 seconds was all the rage at the time.

1987 buick gnx

Included in this alluring package is a 1987 Buick GNX, all imaginable paperwork and even all the magazines this particular car appeared at the time. Awesome.

1987 buick gnx


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