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20,000 lbs Kamaz Dakar Truck Drifts its Way at Goodwood Festival of Speed (Video)

Published July 14, 2016

Last month, thousands of people gathered in Sussex, England, to witness stunts of drivers hooked on adrenaline. One of the things they’ll remember is this Kamaz Dakar truck ride, that is, its incredible drifting. Those who went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed surely had high expectations, but probably no one imagined that a 20,000 lbs truck is going to make such an impressive dance with its rear end at the 1.16-mile course.

20,000 lbs Kamaz Dakar Truck Drifts its Way at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Kamaz is the biggest Russian truck manufacturer, with over 40,000 trucks produced every year. The state owes most of Kamaz shares, which is why it’s no surprise even President Putin was interested in the production. Since 2014, the 5th generation of Kamaz trucks is manufactured, this time in collaboration with Mercedes. The combination of Russian technique and German technology proved to be extremely successful, bringing Dakar trucks to the top of the world.

20,000lb Red Bull Kamaz Dakar truck by Harniman Photographer

The 6th generation of Kamaz trucks is under development and we should expect to see some major changes. That said, the heavy duty drifting we saw at the Goodwood Festival of Speed might be the last one.

Emission control is of huge importance these days and it is expected that Kamaz takes it into consideration when developing their next model. In fact, because they teamed up with the South Korean company, DMEC, you can be almost certain that new model’s diesel engine will be more eco-conscious.

Speaking of changes, we should expect the upper value of engine displacement to be no more than 1,006 cubic inches (16.5 liters), if not with this particular truck model, then definitely with Kamaz Dakar truck. The reason why the customized version will have to do so is that as of this year, new regulations require so. We’ll have to wait and see. Until then, we can enjoy watching  clips of Dakar drifting on YouTube.



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