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2014 Honda Hybrid Concepts

Honda looks to take on Toyota’s expanding Prius lineup

Customers the world over are looking for more efficient vehicles that release ultra-low emissions and can get 45-50 mpg. Oh and customers don’t want to spend a whole lot of money. It’s similar to building the 6-million dollar man on a $6,000 budget. It seems hard to believe that we can get efficient and reliable hybrid vehicles for under $19k but Toyota proved it with the introduction of the Prius-C which will be embraced by the general public for being more in tune with their wants or needs. Since Toyota is not a company full of dumbasses, therefore they are capitalizing on the Prius name as it has become synonymous with hybrid vehicles.

Honda hybrid size chart

So Honda is showing off a few hybrid concepts here and there that utilize more modern and contemporary designs and sort of remind me of a Fisker with the car’s front lower fascia design. But Honda wants to offer a sub-compact that will compete against the Prius-C. No word is if the car will go under the Fit badge or Insight or something new altogether. We do see so we are unclear as to whether they will try and run with the name or not for new vehicles. But we have received word that Honda wants to take on the Prius-C, 3rd Gen Prius, and Prius-V.  From the looks of the Honda hybrid concept that will compete against the Prius-V, we see what looks like a minivan that has been slammed to the ground. The only thing that is missing is sliding doors.

Airbags just weigh down my Insight

With efficiency reigning as top priority, even over safety (lol) we will see every auto manufacturer looking to dethrone and soil Toyota’s good name. What we can expect from Honda is that they will have some unique and good looking designs but as soon as production time comes they will run it through the bor-servative-3000 and make it look like every other joyless Honda on the market (except the Fit).

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