2015 BMW i8 Pricing and Options: How Expensive Can It Get?

Published September 17, 2014

As preparations continue for the production launch of the new 2015 BMW i8, we decide to take a deeper look at the price tag on the i8 and what features it provides. This is one of the most anticipated releases from BMW for a long time and as stirred up a lot of interest. BMW has announced the base price for the i8 at $135,700 with an additional $950 for destination and handling charge, bringing the grand total of the new i8 to $136,650. Certainly not pocket change by any standards. Time to take a look and see if the


Management of BMW has brought out labels for the three types of worlds they believe the 2015 BMW i8 will be sold in. They sound a little strange but lets’ go with it, they are the Giga World, Tera World, and the Pure Impulse World. Not sure which you fall in? Neither are we, yet. Each specific world has various options such as headlight upgrades, various LED units and alternative trim packages.  The base model of each will include a 20 inch spoke or turbine wheel at no extra cost. However, the cheapest trip package is around $2,000 for the Giga world which also includes perforated interior leather in either black or white.

The next level in the i8 is the Tera world which jumps from the $2,000 in the Giga package to $3,000 extra. It throws i Blue seatbelts, corning lights, LED headlights, and the same options of wheels. The interior on the Tera World package offers Tera leather and cloth accent interior or exclusive Tera Dalbergia brown with cloth interior.

Now, lets get to the big dog, the Pure Impulse World package. That $3,000 extra on the Tera package doesn’t sound like much compared to the $10,800 additional on the price tag of the Pure Impulse World package which brings you to total of $149,250. It comes with the same i Blue , LED headlights, and corning lights as both smaller packages. It also includes a Anthracite roof which is basically costing you $7,000 – $8,000 extra. Still a choice of which 20 inch wheels you would like. Finally, the interior will be Pure Impulse Spice Grey with full perforated leather.

The only stand-alone option that you will have on the 2015 BMW i8 is with 3 variants of the the crystal white pearl metallic paint, which will cost you $ 1800 extra. The 2015 BMW i8 features a tremendous amount of standard options which among others includes electric seats, auto dimming mirrors, park distance control, ambient lighting, along with Harmon Kardon stereo and a basic suite full of BMW applications. The new BMW i8 also has what BMW likes to call LifeDrive architecture.  Life being a carbon-fiber passenger compartment and Drive is an aluminum structure supporting powertrain and chassis. Including batteries the total curb weight will come in around 3300 lbs.

Although the new 2015 BMW i8 is a hybrid car, it is much more and the first of its kind. Even with its hefty price tag the new i8 won’t compete with models such as the Tesla Model S, other than the environmental side. With such a unique model it’s tough to say who it will be in competition with, we know they will have sporty and cost over $100,000. If we went with considerably lower price tags it could compete with the Porsche 911. I guess we just might have to accept that the 2015 BMW i8 is in a class of its own.

Who is jumping on the wagon to purchase one?



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