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The 2015 Chrysler 200 Is Bringing Sexy Back.

 Let’s talk about an American car for a minute shall we? We need to take a good look at what the Fiat/Chrysler Group is offering us up on the proverbial hot plate this year. Now, I can understand the level of uncertain disgust with the knowledge that Fiat has basically taken over just about all things Chrysler, and Dodge, but we still should hold our heads up high. Mainly because, no matter who has the majority share, or who has the controlling hand, Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, & Jeep were born here in America, and will always remain here in America.


I know you remember driving one of these.

 Well, a lot has changed, and now things at Chrysler have been restructured so that the old school mantra of, “Less is More” really shows through now. Chrysler’s lineup consists of four vehicles. One mini-van, one full size car, one mid-size car, and one convertible. That’s it! This decision stands to make Chrysler a name that Americans will be proud of once again, and today we’re looking at the brand new 2015 Chrysler 200.

 Chrysler’s new logo, “Imported from Detroit” comes from a place where time has stood still in some spots, and in other areas, time has decimated everything. The 2015 Chrysler 200 is a stunning example of what can be accomplished when you mix a lot of time, love, heart, soul, and a ton of research in the same pot, and let it stew for a bit. To start, the exterior is like nothing Chrysler has ever put out before. Very, very sexy lines trace from front to back on this car. The use of curved lines, LED’s, and rounded edges give this car a very sophisticated, yet savvy look. This new look had to be awesome due to the fact the 300 already has had heads turning for a few years, and now the 200 has to get it’s fair share of airplay. Under the hood of the 200 lies a stout 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine that boasts 295 Hp, and over 262lb feet of torque. Chrysler has bragged that their 200 has more power than the Honda Accord (278 Hp), Chevy Malibu (259 Hp), Toyota Camry (268 Hp), and Ford Fusion (175 Hp). So yeah, that’s true. All of this power is mated to a class first nine (9) speed transmission. There aren’t to many cars that can say that they have that many gears, with adequate power to match. Also the 2015 Chrysler 200 has been given a rotary style E-Shift button that allows the power to be utilized in the most efficient ways possible. That bit of tech has been seen in the likes of quite a few high end cars, that have price tags double or even triple the amount of the 200.




 The interior of the 200 is something that came from the mind of a person who believes in simple, economic, utilitarian standards, but also loves the feel of great leather, and the shimmer of brightly colored gauges. The front of the 200 is simple, and yet very modern. Adjustable seating, climate controls, 5 inch touchscreen which houses, and controls all of the audio, Blue-tooth, audio streaming, hands free controls, and of course the complete integration of all of your mobile devices. The driver gets to play with a 7 inch fully customizable DID, or Driver Information Display screen that lays snugly behind the steering wheel. Other features include, but not limited to are, Keyless Entry, Remote Start, Push Button Engine Start/Stop function, Reversing Camera, Blind Spot Monitoring, and Lane Departure.

 So, it seems that after an Italian take over, and many years of neglect in this sector, Chrysler is looking to knock this ball right out of the park with the. Exquisite styling cues, smooth lines, simplistic yet fashion friendly interior, awesome tech package, great power, and a starting price of around $22,000, there’s a lot to be gained from driving, or even owning a car such as this one. Hell, if I could make the time to find myself in one of these bad boys, Chrysler just might make a believer out of me too.        


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