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2016 Acura NSX Is A Halo Car Acura Needed So Bad (Reveal Video Included)

And here it is. We have the new Acura NSX ready for some action after ten years of development. The famous Formula 1 racing driver Ayrton Senna was in charge of the production process of the old one and that was a quite a car for its time. But times have changed and the new one is simply not that hot now as the old one was back in its time. We have much more to look at right now and if we try to compare the newest Acura with the similarly geeky vehicles of  today (let us just mention the new Corvette, the Beemer i8, or even the much cheaper and old school sportscar Jag F-Type), the Acura somehow falls short in the sheer drama of its styling.

It surely does not look bad, but that front grille looks like it was stolen from Mazda, while the back lights are Aston Martin…ish, sort of. Actually, let us go even further with that. You probably do not know about the cheap European Peugeot 407 Coupe but the rear side of the 2016 Acura NSX echoes the lights on that French car. Why are we mentioning this!? Well, this supposed to be a special car like no other and the styling should be absolutely unique, like it is for the much cheaper ‘Vette and the Jag F-Type and we shouldn’t even mention the i8 which is a future car whether you like it or not.

The newest Acura NSX, however, is a technological masterpiece. It is the type of a car that should redefine the phrase “hybrid sports car” by a large. Now we know that the production version will be powered by a longitudinally placed twin turbocharged V6 engine (remember that the 2013 concept featured a naturally aspirated engine) which is assisted by not one or two, but three electric engines, two of which are placed above the front axle. Yes, the new NSX is an all wheel drive car and the Acura calls its all wheel drive system the: Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive.

Besides that electric mumbo jumbo, the 2016 NSX is garnished with an all new nine speed transmission (dual clutch, of course) that works with a special launch control to provide the car with astonishing acceleration. Well, we do not know how astonishing cause Acura did not reveal any details about the performance figures or even about the hybrid system output. However, the previous reports suggested that the new Acura NSX will have the performance to match those of a Ferrari 458 Italia (which is an amazing vehicle) and we have to guess that this 176 inch long car will have the maximum power output of more than 550 HP. That is simply what it needs to even come close to the performance levels of the Ferrari 458 Italia. Thankfully, this high-tech monster will not be priced as a Ferrari. Acura, as ludicrous as it might sound, made the NSX a “value” car. With the predicted price of $150.000, the Acura is a 100 grand less than a Ferrari. That is a lot of dough.

Unfortunately, even on the pictures we can see where the Acura made some shortcuts. The cabin of the NSX, which is thankfully very close to the engine which sits mid-back, is not so special as we think it should have been. That is actually the main problem with the cars that have such a long developing process. Remember the Lexus LFA? It is an amazing car, but it came onto market at the point when everyone else had something more special than it. The same problem will be with the Acura NSX although we think that the Japanese will not have many problems selling them in some serious numbers. It has all the bells and whistles inside (even red seats), but it lacks the drama and sheer excitement the interiors of other similarly priced vehicles provide (think about the wonderfully executed interior of the 911 Turbo).

All in all, the Acura finally revealed their halo car. It does not look fantastic, but it looks good. However, we really expect the NSX to drive as impressively as they said – like a Ferrari. It is a lightweight hybrid with the aluminum based frame, aluminum and composite made exterior panels and aluminum suspension that has some special features enabling it to be stiff for the track or soft for the road. The Dynamic System in it enables the driver to control the behaviour of the engine, suspension, throttle response, gearbox and chassis. That is on par with the newest sports vehicles out there.

For now, we do not have the details about the performance figures, mpg value or even electric only range (if it’ll have it at all). With this what we have, we might say that the newest Acura NSX is a rather nice effort.



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