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2016 Chevrolet Silverado High Country HD Is The Luxury Squared

When it comes to hard, large and tough hauling machines not much comes close to the usableness and practicality of the well-known and legendary Chevrolet Silverado. With tens of different versions available, it is hard for Chevrolet to come up with a way to offer more. Fortunately, the largest and most powerful Silverado High Country HD has been updated in a rather impressive way. The 2015 Silverado High Country HD is one of the most luxurious full sized pickup trucks that have ever existed. It is made for those who spend most of their day behind the wheel and on the highways, thus improving the already nice package with some luxurious amenities such as BlueRay/DVD player for the back seats, leather wrapped interior surfaces, navigation system, sunroof and even a heated wheel (on higher trim levels).

Even though Chevrolet made the cabin in the Silverado a nice place to be in, the practicality, usableness and dependability remained its biggest advantage in comparison with the smaller and cheaper pick-up trucks. With the introduction of new trailer mirrors and auxiliary cargo lamps, the users of the Silverado are even more at ease than before. This way, the Silverado became easier to drive, easier to operate a trailer with and much more comfortable which will ease those long nights driving on the highways. The driving characteristics are even better than before. Top notch versions can be equipped with large 20 inch chromed wheels, while the lesser versions use 18 inch wheels. Of course, double back wheels are actually 17inchers, but those are also aluminum alloys that clearly project the luxurious theme dominating every part of the High Country Silverado. Interestingly, the 20 inch wheels are available only for the 2500 HD version while the 3500 can be had only with the smaller wheels.

The 2015 Chevrolet Silverado will be available as a two wheel drive, or as a four wheel drive car. Also, two crew cab models are available, and the most capable version is a two wheel drive 3500 HP Silverado which has a rather impressive towing capability of 22.900 pounds (with additional gooseneck towing). As you have guessed, the Silverado needs a rather powerful engine to haul all that pounds.

The base version is powered by a V8 engine which is good for 360 HP and 380 lb ft of torque. The same engine is available with the CNG installation which brings down the expenses and the CO2 emissions for the six liter V8 engine. However, this is not the engine you want. You need that 6.6 liter Duramax engine which churns out 397 HP and 765 lb ft of torque. The power is so immense that Chevy used Allison 1000 six speed automatic transmission to control all that torque. The engine is equipped with some kind of a retarder which helps slowing down the vehicle without actually using the brakes.

All in all, with the Silverado High Country HD, Chevrolet made a pickup truck that will be loved by those who spent long hours driving the thing and by those who need the usableness and dependability at all costs.



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