670-HP Roush Mustang Warrior & Scout For US Military Members Only

2017 Roush Warrior Mustang And Scout Edition Unveiled

Updated October 17, 2018

Roush released their praised Mustang “Warrior” for the third consecutive year. A car specifically designed for the past and present members of the US military apparently made quite a success in the past two years. Now, Roush released two versions of the Mustang “Warrior” – the 2017 Roush Warrior Mustang and the Roush Warrior Mustang Scout Edition.

2018 Roush Warrior Mustang

Both based on the 2017 Ford Mustang 5.0 V8, these two differentiate mostly in terms of the added aftermarket equipment. Basically, for those wanting the power but not much else, the Scout Edition will be perfect. Regardless of the version, both cars come with the Roush’s 2.3-liter TVS supercharger. Remember, . It will work perfectly. Mating such an enormous air feeder to the five-liter motor released some serious power. Both the Roush Warrior Mustang and the Scout Edition have an engine developing scary 670hp and 545 lb-ft of torque. Awesome.

2017 Roush Warrior Mustang With A Number Of Cosmetic Enhancements Too

2018 Roush Warrior Mustang

Interestingly, the Roush Warrior Mustang is available as a fastback and as a convertible with the manual or automatic transmission options. The Scout Edition, on the other hand, comes only as a fastback. After all, Roush wanted to keep the cost down with this edition, so they ditched any unnecessary expense they may have with it.

2018 Roush Warrior Mustang Lineup

In that regard, the Roush Warrior Mustang features fine cosmetic enhancements including a hood air scoop, redesigned front end with massive air intakes and a new grille. Then, welcome new side sills, new details at the back, quarter window scoops (fastback) and much more. After all, this is the top spec version.

Scout Edition is pretty much stock, save for serialized plaque and fender badges. These also come on the Warrior.

2018 Roush Warrior Mustang Pedals

Warrior Edition continues with a wealth of added options on the inside as well. As Roush reported, owners will enjoy everything from embroidered Warrior headrests, a rear black-out panel, Roush shift ball (manual), billet performance pedals, to a full graphics package. Scout Edition, of course, makes without these additions. It’s more or less the stock Mustang with an awesome engine tune up. However, the drive tune-up also includes the addition of two exhaust tips for the Scout and new half-shafts. The Roush Warrior Mustang gets better half-shafts too and the Roush Quad tailpipe exhaust as well.

Roush Warrior Mustang Front 3/4 2018 Roush Warrior Mustang

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