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2018 Audi RS5 Coupe Almost At Supercar Levels

This is an Audi RS5 I want to drive

Impressive Audi stand in Geneva holds many wonders. Apart from that incredible Q8 Sport Concept, the Ingolstadt-based company revealed an awesome 2018 Audi RS5 Coupe. The one to go against , the , or the . Seriously powerful coupe moves away from the V8 nature of its predecessor. It actually utilizes a modern three-liter V6 with a bi-turbo. Packed for 450hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, the engine is enough for some serious performance. It will outrun some Porsche cars and probably beat everything from BMW right now.

Much of the credit goes to a newly developed 2.9-liter TFSI. However, Audi RS did re-engineer every single piece of it. This had a dramatic effect on the car. It is lighter by 132 lbs tipping the scales at 3,648 lbs. Also, it has a changed body-kit with increased intakes, more aggressive airfoil altogether and, let us say, much more sophisticated looking stance.

Continuing in the fashion of other RS cars, the new RS5 Coupe features much-improved suspension with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC). DRC, in conjunction with the Audi drive select system, makes for three different drive modes – individual, dynamic or comfortable.

With a seriously improved chassis, retuned quattro integrated and some of the weight slashed, the RS5 Coupe became almost supercar fast. In Geneva, Audi officials reported, it will do 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and it will max out at 174 mph. That is huge already but bear in mind that Audi usually releases conservative performance details.

As expected, it comes loaded with all the modern tech anyone could imagine – MMI navigation plus with MMI touch, Audi connect & LTE, wi-fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. It’s all there. More importantly, the inside is packed with so many RS badges a blind man could find out everything about its “unique” character.

Race Car Too

Apart from the road-going monster the RS5 Coupe definitely is, Audi has also shown an awesome DTM prepared racing car based on the old-RS5 architecture. Simply called the Audi RS5 DTM, the car uses a 500+hp four-liter V8 engine, it sits on a unique suspension but uses the looks of the new car – not the old one. The thing about the latest DTM regulations is a stipulation which obliges all teams to use the same suspension and the same Hankook tires. All this in an effort to cut costs. Yet, that does not mean this car isn’t impressive. It is, as impressive as a race car can be.

“The new DTM regulations reflect a major effort aimed at achieving further cost reductions while enhancing the sport and making the cars more attractive,” Audi Motorsport boss Dieter Gass said. “These are exciting times for the DTM. We have more power, softer tires, and less downforce.”

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