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2018 Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport As A New Redesigned Version

Never change a winning team. Or, in the case of , never change the design. Jaguar made a proper beauty with the F-type. Now, when the time came for a bit of an update, the designers did not have anything to add up to it. Nevertheless, the MY2018 version comes out with two cosmetic changes one would struggle to notice. First of all, the F-Type has revised lower front bumper and cooler full-LED headlights. Slightly smoked as it seems. Everything else? The same!

The real novelty about the 2018 Jaguar F-Type may be the introduction of an all-new version. They called it the F-Type 400 Sport Launch Edition. Available for this model year only, the car received uprated three liter V6 supercharged engine. Developing 400hp, it is the most powerful F-Type with a V6 ever.

Contrasted to other F-Type cars by special paint finish and the yellow and dark satin grey “400 Sport” badges, the 400 Sport also carries standard mechanical limited slip differential. Jag prepped it as a RWD and AWD variant, with buyers having option to choose between Yulong White, Santorini Black, or Indus Silver body paint. Quite special car.

Other important goodies for the F-Type 400 Sport include the Super Performance brakes, Configurable Dynamics system, and 20-inch wheels. It should be a performer, although we haven’t been honored even with basic specs. The 400 Sport did not replace Lesser F-Type V6 version. The F-Type and the F-Type S with 340hp and 380hp continues, now with R-Dynamic badge. In this case, one can choose between rwd, awd, manual or automatic. Being that the 400 Sport can be had only with eight-speed automatic guise, the R-Dynamic is a purist dream. R-Dynamic receives black finish on the splitter, hood vents, side sills, and rear diffuser. Neat.

R and SVR without major changes

As expected,  F-Type R and remained the same, although with new headlights. Luckily, facelift included integration of a refreshed, and finally, much better Touch Pro infotainment system. It can be linked even with the smartphones and GoPro camera for which Jag highlighted the dedicated app ReRun. In essence, the app will stream gopro footage to almost anything and overlap the video with real time telemetry such as rpm, speed and that kind of stuff. Could be good for tracking lap times and everything about driving.

As a final touch, Jaguar designed and installed slimmer seats. Saving 18 lbs, new seats are thinner, but should bolster better and even provide more comfort. They went through some ergonomic wizardry. With a frame made from die cast magnesium, the seats can fit in the Sport and Performance models. Not for R-Dynamic obviously.

2018 Jaguar F-Type price will be revealed closer to its market entry sometime in the spring.


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