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2018 Subaru WRX And WRX STI Got Sharper But More Comfortable And Safer Too

Published January 25, 2017

Favorite cheap fast cars evolved to MY2018. 2018 and WRX STI grappled their way to the Detroit Motor Show finally giving the buyers a bit more refinement and so much needed glitz. At least on the inside, that is. In that case, we’ll start from the inside where prospective buyers could pick a bigger central display (5.9-inch vs. 4.3-inch before). Also, they’ll enjoy softer materials “thicker door glass, revised door sealing and a foam-filled windshield header beam.” In essence, the outer shell won’t let all the sounds penetrate inside. While this certainly upped the weight a bit and slightly forwarded the WRX (and the STI) from the simple fast car philosophy, it also should invigorate new buyers to think about it when buying a car.

Other finer details in the cabin include cupholders in the rear armrest and power driver’s seat lumbar support for the STI Limited. Eight-way power adjustable Recaro seats now available for the WRX and the STI. In fact, they are standard in the STI Limited and come in a Performance Package for the WRX. Arguably, the Performance Package tends to be the best new thing about the 2018 Subaru WRX. Not only does it bring cool seats, but also red brake calipers with new brake pads. And it gets rid of the sunroof thingy keeping the weight and the center of gravity down. So, for the purists and those seeking for a 0.00001-second faster pass in front of the neighbor house, this is the business.

Jokes aside, Subaru did fiddle with the suspension. Engineers sealed to find a better balance between more comfortable ride and better handling. According to Subaru – they improved both. And for the WRX they additionally improved the tranny. Like this – “significantly enhanced shifter feel for the 6-speed manual transmission, with a new synchro design and reduced friction.” These small changes, with revised electric power steering (EPS), are sure to make an impact. See, the car will be smoother and more forgiving, but also subtly sharper and more exciting. This sounds like magic. We will have to wait, drive it and see to believe.

Moving to the 2018 WRX STI, the Subaru reimagined the DCCD AWD system. Then, they installed massive Brembo brakes with six pistons at the front (with calipers painted yellow). All this behind the biggest wheels on the WRX STI ever – 19-inch ones. Subaru also reported that the DCCD system now has electronic control for quicker and smoother response. Before, it used a combination of mechanical and electronic center limited slip differential control.

As ever, both cars continue with their designated engines. WRX comes with a 268hp two liter Boxer. The one badged with the STI uses a 2.5 liter Boxer with 305 hp. Obviously, the power hasn’t gone up. Do not worry though. It’s possible that the cars did become slightly quicker thanks to a transmission and AWD tune up. Actually, we are sure they have.

Interestingly, the WRX and the WRX STI have both received a massive safety upgrade. Subaru redesigned the whole front structure and then added technology such as Vehicle Hold and a new EyeSight Assist Monitor.


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