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25th Anniversary Vipers Sold Out in Five Days

Published July 5, 2016

It’s not everyday sports car like Dodge Viper gets sold in as many specimens as it was the case a week ago. This probably has to do something with previously announced decision to kill the serpent off in 2017. On another note, special editions are still special editions, and Dodge offered no less than five of them. That’s a total of 206 Vipers spread through five different 25th anniversary editions. That’s almost two of them sold every hour during those five days.


1:28 Edition ACR Dodge Viper was the absolute record breaker. Not only among this lot, but in Viper’s history altogether. 1:28 Edition named after Viper’s record lap at Laguna Seca sold out in just 40 minutes, and there were 28 such models produced. That’s one special edition Viper per 45 seconds, mind you. It seems black carbon fiber body and red stripes really sit well with Viper aficionados.

dodge-viper-25th-anniversary-models (1)

Black Vipers indeed sell like hotcakes as 31 VooDoo II Edition ACR units sold out in only two hours. Unlike 1:28 Edition and its red stripe, VooDoo II Edition features much thinner graphite stripe with red borderlines. Carbon bodywork and carbon ceramic brakes are standard in both of them.

dodge-viper-25th-anniversary-models (2)

dodge-viper-25th-anniversary-models (3)

Next in line were Snakeskin Edition GTC in green with black stripes, and GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR in white with blue stripes. It took two full days before 25 models of Snakeskin, and 100 units of GTS-R Commemorative Viper were moved around.

Finally, last 22 units of Dodge Dealer Edition ACRs were sold within five days of being introduced back on June 24. They are much like GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR models, albeit with different details. These were sold in Dodge’s largest dealerships: Tomball Dodge of Tomball, Texas and Roanoke Dodge of Roanoke, Illinois

If you’re among one of those who still hadn’t managed to put their hands on one of these, don’t panic. Judging by the way 25th anniversary models were sold out in quick fashion, there likely are some people that might order a few additional models like these, and Dodge knows that. That’s why they’re planning on introducing the final 31 units of Snakeskin Edition ACRs. These are similar to aforementioned Snakeskin Edition GTC models, but they up the ante further. On top of all GTC units have to offer, ACRs will add ACR pack, Extreme Aero Pack, and unique interior to match the overall green serpent theme. Orders are due to start mid-July, so time’s probably right to step in the Viper hunt now.


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