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The 2nd Time’s The Charm. The 2014 Beetle Dune Concept.

 So, Volkswagen has brought forth a concept that for some has been long forgotten, and for others, has been a long time coming. That concept you ask, is the 2014 Beetle Dune Concept. Now, I did say that this was a project that was a long time coming, and by that I mean, this is the second go round for this concept. It isn’t too often where a manufacturer, and it’s design team comes up with a concept that gets shelved, and then for some miraculous reason, life is given back to it again. I really can’t think off any concepts that were that lucky.

 OK, it’s 2014, and Volkswagen has been doing pretty damn good with their latest remodel of the Beetle, and sales are better than ever. The New New Beetle has been taken from it’s, “Sissy Womanlike” styling cues, and literally given a dose of testosterone. The little flower/pen/pointless cup holder is gone, and in it’s place are broader, and stronger interior lines, and a sexier exterior reshape.The three circles that seemed to be synonymous with the old style were reworked so that the 2013 Beetle had more of an aggressive look to it. From that point forward, all bets were off. There was a very short period where, Beetles were almost out selling Jettas. Quite a few drivers were trading in their older models for the newer, more powerful, well rounded runabouts.



 Thiswill have the already well proven 2.0L, 4 cylinder, Direct Injected engine that produces 220Hp, and 210 foot pounds of torque. This set up will be paired with the usual suspect, aka the 6 speed DSG Transmission. Being that this concept already has well proven parts in it, and it has been tested to the tune of a 7.3 second zero to 60 time, and a top speed of 144MPH. An AWD version hasn’t been announced as of yet, but it wouldn’t hurt if there was an R32 style drive train in the new Dune. A little bit more info on the Beetle Dune Concept is that it will come with a set of Bad Ass looking 19” wheels, that fill up the slightly wider fender arches. The suspension got a little tweak too. If this Dune can come full circle, and make it to the production line, we’ll be looking at one of the first Beetle Crossovers ever!!! Kind of Epic don’t you think? One last tidbit of the new Dune is that, the designers wanted to pay a little homage to the first Dune Concept of 2000, by adding in a pitch & yaw monitor that could have been found in the original concept. The premise behind it was, that it would show the driver approach, and departure angles while wheeling off road.

 As it stands now, this Dune is one of the concept cars that has the exterior body parts, the looks, the engine, and the overall ready to be produced feel. With that said, the Dune can be something that can clearly jump into being an everyday, limited edition Beetle, sooner than everyone thinks. If you think about, the engine is the standard 2.0L, and the body has only been stretched, and pulled by mere millimeters, and the wheels took nothing to make. I really think that if this new Dune could be had in an AWD, or even a RWD setup, you would have avid VW Fans flocking the showrooms, just to see how a,would work for them with a Beetle Dune.    



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