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This 3300-HP GT-R Named ‘Alpha Queen’ is Preparing for 1/4 Mile World Record

With more than 3300 horsepower on tap, this GT-R may hit a 6 second pass

Where I’m from, winter months send tuners and racers scrambling into their shops for months on end. The team behind the Nissan GT-R named Alpha Queen has no time to be shop rats. With more than 3300 horsepower on tap, they’re preparing for a 6 second quarter mile. If they hit the mark, the world will see this world record change hands yet again.

Coming from the team at AMS Performance, this may be the single most impressive and aggressive GT-R. Not just in the US, not just in the Western hemisphere, but in the entire world. Alpha Queen has to be the baddest GT-R to beat the standing world record. Just last year another R35 put down 6.88 seconds on the quarter mile, topping out at 222mph. That silver GT-R came in right around the rather impressive 3100 horsepower, about 200 short of Alpha Queen.

Just like the current record holder, the Alpha G, this car is almost as far from factory stock as it can be. The most noticeable mod is the twin air filters that stick out the of the lower part of the front bumper. That’s just the beginning of what has been done to achieve 3300 horsepower though. Relocating the turbochargers right to the front of the engine bay allowed for much larger units.

At the moment, the V6 heart of the beast is pushing its power through a sequential gearbox. This works with the RWD mode in the AWD system for some amazing tire warming burnouts. Those drag slicks are an important factor in the world record chase. They also help to round out the aggressive look of the GT-R with its unique rose gold wrap.

Word around the track is that Alpha Queen’s sixty foot time is down to a staggering 1.19 seconds. After more tweaking and testing of the machinery, we may see a new record soon. With 200 more horsepower than the current champ, it’s clear that much work is going into the R35. We definitely hope to see Alpha Queen collecting her quarter mile crown sooner rather than later. Below is a short video of the team testing Alpha Queen earlier in the year.

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