705-HP GME Mustang Is What Germans Do With A Pony Car

German Tuned GME Mustang Goes Into Supercar Territory

Updated July 6, 2017

Not a long time ago we have seen a German tuner, , doing magic with the latest Ford Mustang. Now, however, we have yet another reimagined Mustang by the Germans. Welcome the GME Mustang. Leipzig-based tuner took it all up a notch dramatically uprating the engine and giving the ‘Stang a subtle makeover. Increasing the power was the main mission and they definitely delivered.

Ford GME Mustang

Based on the five-liter model, this ‘Stang from the GME now features a fine supercharger kit from Edelbrock bringing the power from 425hp to 705hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. Sure, the supercharger kit includes a whole lot more than the supercharger. Germans had to install a new intercooler, update the fuel delivery system and a remap the ECU. All in the name of added power.

Ford GME Mustang

After getting the power to the levels usually associated with the supercars, the GME managed to custom build and install a stainless steel exhaust making the soundtrack follow the added oomph.

Limited Top speed for the GME Mustang

Ford GME Mustang

Now, with added power, the GME Mustang is easily capable of achieving some serious performance. Finally, its 0-60 mph time dropped under four seconds (to 3.9 seconds), with the top speed increased by a lot. This ‘Stang can actually achieve more than 186mph, but Germans limited its top speed. To 174 mph. Not bad at all. Managing all the power, GME invested heavily in the suspension upgrade. Thus, the car received a new height-adjustable suspension, high-performance brakes with the floating brake discs and an active ventilation system. All this, obviously screams “Track”.

Ford GME Mustang

As expected, we cannot see an insane body-kit slapped on it. No, no, GME Mustang makes use of a front spoiler, side skirts, boot lid spoiler and underbody diffuser. Interestingly enough, everything new on it feels subtle and rather tasteful.

Ford GME Mustang


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