Period-Perfect 920-HP 1967 Chevy Nova II Gasser To Blow Your Mind

920hp Tom Collins 1967 Chevy Nova II Gasser

Published October 10, 2017

Growing up in the Sixties had its fair share of challenges, but a fair share of advantages as well. Gassers and hot rodding being the most prevalent if we are talking about the good stuff. Tom Collins of Montross, Virginia, links his earliest memories with fascinating muscle cars dominating the streets back in the time. And now, after many years of patiently waiting, he ventured on creating a fantastic piece of memorabilia closely linked with the Sixties.

Chevrolet Nova II

The car?

The project?

A period-perfect gasser!

After finding a well preserved and gutted 1967 Chevy Nova II (used for drag racing in the Seventies), he took it to Brian Bell at the B’Z Rods In Illinois trying to make the most of the build.

And they did well.

B’z Rods fabricated a custom frame with 2×3-inch steel making the car far more rigid than before. It is a necessity in the world of cars today. The frame was welded directly to the body additionally improving an already stiff architecture.

Chevrolet Nova II

As expected, creating a perfect Gasser of the Chevy Nova II required massive improvements in the suspension and chassis department as well. In that regard, as Hot Rod reports, the back received a narrowed Strange Engineering 9-inch rear from Chassis Services in Waukegan. It was packed with 4.11 gears managing power on 31-spline axles. All that in order to perfect the power delivery of a specially built 540Ci engine.

Thrilling Chevy Nova II For The Utmost Respect

Built by Big Al’s Toy Box in Connecticut, the 540Ci has been assembled with Dart Big M Sportsman block, Eagle 4340 forged steel crank, H-beam rods, and JE forged 8.5:1 pistons. It was all complemented with Advanced Performance Engineering aluminum heads and an 8-71 supercharger from The Blower Shop.

Chevrolet Nova II

Testing at the Dyno revealed the contraption develops healthy 920hp. More than enough for a machine of this stature.

Tom Collins obviously fulfilled his dream he had from the first time he saw the gassers. A long-time automotive enthusiast obviously knew what he was searching for and finally assembled the machine as a 60s period-perfect gasser Chevy Nova II.

Chevrolet Nova II Chevrolet Nova II


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