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A Royal Enfield Sneak Peek – The Himalayan

Finally, after months of rumors and sketchy, watermarked pictures, we’ve got our first look at some leaked pictures from the classic Indian factory: here it is, the fabled Himalayan in it’s unfinished and perhaps underwhelming glory. “Unfinished” is almost certainly the key word here.

Before you get too excited or…underwhelmed… depending on your point of view, it’s worth mentioning that these are in no way official images, they’re just a few leaked camera phone pictures pinched from the Royal Enfield Bullet Club Facebook page. And from what we can see, it’s almost complete.

It’s been a busy year for Royal Enfield, releasing the retro cool model a few months back (complete with enough merchandise to make your average Enfield rider wet himself) and the purchase of Harris Performance, which came part and parcel with a whole new batch of supposed 750cc engine model rumors and talk of a 400cc parallel twin too. Back to business though, the Himalayan has been attracting a lot of attention, and now we can finally have a relatively decent look at it.

Sitting pride of place on the production line, we can clearly see a near complete machine sporting a bastardized and modified Continental GT frame, probably heavily influenced by the minds at Harris Performance, and what appears to be a 410cc ish, single cylinder engine, which many a speculator is guessing pushes out around 30 bhp, allegedly uses overhead cams in place of push rod actuation and supposedly revs up to and around 7000 rpm. All of this, of course, is guesswork – but educated guesswork from Enfield diehards and forum junkies. Royal Enfield are yet to make any info public yet but the firm has mentioned that it plans to release a new generation of Royal Enfield motorcycles, pushing their production up to around 150,000 units a year and has an idea to command and conquer the middleweight market.

According to numerous Indian newspapers, Royal Enfield are planning on unveiling the Himalayan in November 2015, so you won’t have to wait too long to see the finished article. In it’s current form and with no mention of any gadgetry or wizardry, I’d be giving it a wide berth but rather than judge the book it’s cover, I think it’s worth waiting to see what Royal Enfield have to say before making any harsh judgments. But if you’re looking for something to do a bit of middleweight touring on, with enough grunt to tackle a , you might want to invest your dollar somewhere else. Until we’ve got some more facts, take a gander at these lifted images and tell us what you think!


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