AIMGAIN Aventador – Slammed Supercar

A small Japanese supercar boutique tuner by the name of Aimgain has released their bodykit for the Lamborghini Aventador and with the twin spoiler (one active, the other Cessna sized) a few front splitters and a slammed stance means that anymore downforce would cause the nose to plow ground like a dozer.

Now the Aventador is not always this low to the ground as it has an air suspension allowing for it to drive over small deviations in roads and driveways. There is no doubt that the wheels look snug in the wheel wells but the stance looks spot on thanks to what they call the Bold World air suspension.

As you get closer up you can see the unique front fascia and rear diffuser and custom exhaust on display. The wheels are Savini SV65XC with 20×9 (front) 21×13 (rear) wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero’s. With all these goodies (without wheels & tires) will set you back about $35,000 USD. So cough up around $500,000 USD and you could be driving around in this. Comes with a free Hello Kitty keychain.

Want to see how Aimgain’s work on other rides? Then look at this wacky  and see if you want to do this to any of your rides. Me personally, I would rather sit coach on a flight next to a widebody than have this widebody.


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