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Aston Martin Rapide S Concept Brings Chinese Modernity Into The Gentleman’s Car Manufacturer

No, this is not some slick new version of, but a concept car made to represent the collaboration between one of the noblest names in the car business and the company known as the “Netflix of China”. Letv is actually a massive Chinese Internet and information company which deals with everything including providing internet services and building smartphones. Recently, they’ve shifted their focus to cars and more specifically integration of their technology into the newest awesome products on four wheels. It is not by chance that Aston Martin collaborated with Letv. We are actually quite sure that Letv officials wanted to collaborate with the James Bond car company (who would not really)!


The collaboration gave birth to a car which has some rather neat infotainment ideas on the inside. While the outside has not been improved in any way, the inside received two awesome large displays (one behind the wheel and other on the centre of the console), Wi-Fi connectivity, remote monitoring system and advanced voice recognition system. Sure, , , Ford and others used more sci-fi like features to represent the next step in the machine-human interface, but Aston Martin brings something we may actually see as soon as next year.


“After a few months of effort, we finished the integration of an Aston Martin vehicle and the Letv IOV system,” said Ding Lei, co-founder of Letv’s car division. “We have successfully equipped this supercar brand with over 100 years of history with an ‘Internet brain.’”


Letv worked hard to integrate a massive 12,2-inch display in place of the instrument cluster and an even bigger 13,3-inch display on the centre console. Now, innovations here are not that apparent, but Aston Martin, as a small company, is not really able to manufacture and develop all the modern tech they need to keep up the pace with other producers. That is why they used AMG engines and now awesome Chinese company Letv for the infotainment systems. Collaborating with the best in the business can make them float above water until they inevitably become part of some larger entity. It is difficult to make it alone in the car business today, so Aston Martin definitely has to search for somebody like Daimler, BMW or even someone big enough from China to succeed.


As for this particular car, the Rapide S Concept with Letv hardware shows that Aston Martin can follow up with the industry standards and offer top notch tech connectivity features like any other major car manufacturer. Aston Martin’s CEO confirmed that in a statement – “Aston Martin is renowned for the beauty and quality of its hand-crafted cars,” explained Dr Andrew Palmer, Aston Martin CEO. “The integration of Letv advanced connected technologies into this bespoke environment is a natural progression as we look to the future demands of our customers.”

All in all, the Rapide S concept remains powered by an astonishing six-litre V12 engine with more than 550hp on tap. It is not the fastest, nor the most advanced, but it is without a doubt one of the classiest four-door coupes out there. We are quite certain that the tech revealed at the CES 2016 will find its way into series produced Aston Martin cars. Perhaps even this year.


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