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Aston Martin Vanquish Adds an S at the LA Auto Show

Published November 20, 2016

In the world of high end luxury cars there are a few names which are known to everyone; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and . With class and style wrapped around a powerful engine and performance minded drivetrain, it’s no wonder Aston Martin has been the chosen brand for James Bond. To continue the brand’s drive for exceptional automobiles, Aston Martin has debuted the Vanquish S at the LA Auto Show.

Powered by a screaming 6.0-liter V-12, Aston Martin labels the standard Vanquish as “the ultimate grand tourer”.  Since the S isn’t a standard Vanquish, the shop in Newport Pagnell, UK has added larger volume inlet manifolds to allow the engine to breathe easier. This allows the Vanquish S to produce 595bhp which is up nearly 30bhp from the base model. Torque however, remains the same at 465 lb-ft. While this is a mild upgrade, Aston Martin claims it creates “a relentless power delivery and stronger feel all the way to redline”.

With the engine getting new intake, the Vanquish S received updated tuning to the transmission and the entire suspension to give the car sportier handling without compromising a luxurious ride on demand. Like a well-executed custom shop, the exterior continues the art of lightly tweaking aspects while maintaining the overall essence of the model the S is based off. Exposed carbon fiber makes up the revised front splitter and rear diffuser to reduce lift without adding drag. Additionally, the front grill nixes the horizontal bars for a black mesh with visible carbon fiber surround which gives the Vanquish S a more menacing appearance.

The Vanquish S badge is displayed proudly on the tailgate above the new quad exhaust. And just like all other high end luxury brands, Aston will allow customers to open their pocketbooks further if they would like to add carbon fiber hood louvers, choice of graphics packages, or the 5-spoke diamond turned wheels. On the inside, more customizations are available which include the unique Satin Chopped Carbon Fiber fascia panel. This is definitely an interesting look, adding a bit more chaotic touch which I think goes well with the sport intentions of the vehicle.

Overall this is yet another beautiful, classy, elegant Aston Martin which hides a performance machine underneath. The interior is immaculate and adorned with the finest materials including what Aston calls new “Filograph” quilted leather…whatever the heck that means. With the mechanical upgrades the Vanquish S bests its brother by 0.1 seconds in the race to 60mph. A tenth of a second isn’t much, but when you can afford an Aston Martin, does it really matter?

Deliveries are slated to begin next month. While my bank account cries at the price tag, I’m sure there are plenty out there willing to shell out the $312,500 MSRP. While that is a well loaded Civic’s price away from the standard Vanquish I guess in the realm of luxury supercars a roughly 10% upcharge for a more thrilling drive is worth it. Now if only I could be handed the keys to a Vanquish and Vanquish S to describe just how different they really are…


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