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Astonishing Shelby Cobra 427 50th Anniversary breaks cover

The year 2015 brings us some rather important jubilees in the car world. 50 years ago Mustang has been born, 30 years ago BMW started with the series production of the mighty M5 and 25 years ago Mazda started the production of their beloved MX-5. Every manufacturer did just about the same to celebrate the birthday – they’ve revealed a whole new car. Mazda revealed the new MX-5, Ford revealed the rather nice modern Mustang and BMW revealed their M5 30th anniversary car. However, one small company from the US is also celebrating an important jubilee. Shelby started the production of their most powerful Cobra 427 exactly 50 years ago and now, they’ve presented it online, while the official unveiling is set for 13th January.

Shelby is well known for their Cobra sports cars. It is arguably the best thing on four wheels that came out of the US (with a help of British Lotus) and now the car is regarded as one of the most important products that paved the way for every other supercar of the era. First of all, we have to mention that this car was something like a response to the Corvette of the day. The Cobra first hit the streets in 1963 and some time after, the creators of this magnificent piece of engineering said that they wanted to create a car that was much lighter and much faster than the ‘Vette. However, the Cobra was far more egzotic and unconventional than any other US musclecar of the time. Shelby (with the help from Ford), made it better and better and in the year 1965, Carroll himself revealed the best Cobra of the time – the 427. The car was made in cooperation with Ford and, more importantly, it had a rather big seven liter engine producing 425 HP (and later 485 HP in some versions) which made the car go as much as 165 mph. Only a handful were produced back then, but the car was impressive enough to leave a visible footprint. This is why Shelby American of today made and revealed a special car by which the producer celebrates the existence of one of the most important American cars ever produced.

Shelby American revealed the first pictures of the new special edition Cobra 427. Reaching almost godly status among gearheads, the Cobra 427 50th Anniversary received some really special decorations that made it to pop out. The wheels are new (15 inch of course), the golden plaques showing that this is a special model are also integrated on the exterior and in the interior while the sporty equipment includes racing brakes, custom stitching, custom gauges and other. More important, of course, is the possibility of purchasing a model built out of aluminum or out of carbon fiber. You can guess which one is lighter (and more expensive). Luckily, both versions feature a wonderful livery which makes these cars pop out like no other. Also, front metal mounts for the pit stops are included too. Interestingly, the Shelby Cobra 427 50th Anniversary will ship without engine and transmission for $119.995. That is a lot of money for a car which does not run and it will not be able to move until you put into it that enormous engine. And yes, only 50 will be produced which makes these Cobras rare as some from the past which we really like.

The car will be presumably built by an outsource Shelby partner which is licensed to produce  such wonderful machines. Also, the guys will probably integrate the engine and the transmission if you ask politely and pay adequately.

As the car is built up the exact Shelby specs, Shelby American reserved 50 of their CSX certification numbers (CSX4550 – CSX4599) which proves that this Cobra 427 is not just a replica but the real thing.



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