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Bajaj Auto “Confident” Of Ducati Takeover? Apparently So…

Indian firm Bajaj Auto are confident that VW will accept their bid for Ducati.

The Ducati bidding battle guessing game is in full swing, but the top brass from Bajaj Auto are confident that the war is already won. After the relief/disappointment that for Ducati, you might be pleased to hear that Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, thinks his company will be taking over Ducati sometime in the next few months. And how does that make you feel?

If you’re not familiar with , you probably should be. They’re one of the largest motorcycle brands in the world and they definitely have what it takes to take an already great Ducati to the next level. They already own …so Ducati would be in very safe hands if Bajaj win the bidding war. If VW even sell it, that is. for the historic Italian marque, but they’re under no obligation to accept any of them.

Could Bajaj Auto Buy Ducati?

That being said, Bajaj Auto know what they’re talking about – and in a recent interview with the Economic Times, Rajiv Bajaj mentioned that he was confident that VW would be selling Ducati. And he was very confident that VW would be selling Ducati to Bajaj Auto. Here’s the exact quote, so you can read between the not so subtle lines yourself:  “We are very close to finalizing a very promising alliance. It’s not certain, that it will happen, but if it happens, it will open up enormous possibilities for the company. That is why we keep our money (cash on books) with us, so, once in a while, when an opportunity comes along, we are ready.”

Bajaj Auto definitely have the money to convince VW. According to reports, Bajaj has about $13 billion in ready cash. Reportedly, VW have valued Ducati at about €1.5 billion. It doesn’t take an accountant to do the math there.

Money is one thing but what is there to gain? For Bajaj, the answer is obvious. They’ve got that they want to sell to a global market, and using Ducati’s foot in the door makes perfect sense. The partnership would work both ways too. Ducati could use Bajaj Auto – and their manufacturing arms – as a springboard to get into the Asian market properly, with smaller displacement machines…

Speculation, speculation, and even more speculation…


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