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Bentley Bentayga Gets The Ultimate Angling Accessory For Fly Fishing With Mulliner

Bentayga, being a posh SUV, almost never leaves the tarmac, but Bentley trusts that there is a market to promote adding a Mulliner accessory for the ones passionate about fishing. The “Ultimate Angling Accessory” is the Crewe’s first ever SUV that has everything you need for a great day of fishing. Bentley does not confess the cost, but with Betayga starting at $230K in the United States, you could say it is far from a cheap accessory.

So, what exactly would you get for the money?

The kit includes four rods, adorned in bespoke tubes that are covered in saddle leather with a cross-stitching finish. The rods fit easily on the underside of the parcel shelf and the carpet-trimmed side houses a couple of nets that you can use for landing. They also have matching leather bags.

The main special effect of the Mulliner accessory for fly fishing is their custom three units covered in saddle leather. You have a master tackle station, a cool refreshment case, and a trunk that is completely waterproof for wader-stowage. The cool part is that you can remove any of this from the Betayga’s trunk when you want to do anything other than fishing. Literally, no strings attached!

Inside the master tackle station, Mulliner has a tailor-made Burr Walnut veneered drawer. Well, a perfect spot to hold all your fishing needs under one roof, including tools, hooks, fly tying vice, cotton, and feathers. The refreshment case has enough space to hold three metal flasks as well as a decorative set of china tableware and a unique top-class food storage compartment.

The wader-stowage trunk is special too. It is made from wood with a saddle-leather finish. The entire set is lined with a neoprene material that is hard-wearing, which gives your boots and waders full protection from water. On top of it, Bentley also gives an electronic dehumidifier, a waterproof boot floor, and rear sill protection covers to make sure the Bentayga’s precious trunk is safe from unwanted water. The waterproof environment gives you the best fishing experience in store.

The ultra luxurious SUV has a feather on its cap with this new fly fishing kit. However, this is not the only new accessory that is being offered now. Customers can also elaborate their Bentayga with a set of welcome lights. The underside of the doors has the option to add these new lights that project the logos of Bentley and Mulliner when the doors are open. Well, there is also an open option to choose any logo or graphic when the doors are open. Really cool!

As fancy as it may seem, we are more interested in the Speed version, that is yet to come.



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