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BMW F16 X6 Gets A Few Hot Upgrades From Hamman Motorsport

Take a look into what Hamman has to offer through Anniversary EVO wheels updates for the new BMW F16

Not very long back, BMW announced the badass 2015 BMW X6 F16. No doubt it is one huge, mean looking sporty SUV, perfectly crafted to add hundred stars to your reputation. F16 is said to an evolution of E71, not differing much from the long lasting formula for the design. It is certainly more masculine, huger, wider and meaner than anything before. While in itself F16 is all you could ask for, Hamman takes it even a step further and launches its wonderful tuning program.

Who is Hamman Motorsport?

It is a German Laupheim based company known for their car tuning. Be it Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Ferrari, Mini, Jaguar, Fiat, Maserati, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Lamborghini or Porsche, Hamman have done them all.

The super Wheel Tuning program

Hamman has decided to provide F16 brand new wheels from its ultimate range of wheels. Currently, two separate wheel sizes are available.
Who would have thought that F16 had scope for improvement? Come on; if you think that the SUV is 100% complete in all by itself, and then you must really take a look at the Anniversary EVO wheels that Hamman has come up with. First one is the 23” combination of wheel & tire with Pirelli P Zero Nero tires (FA/RA at 11×23) for those who like their rides taller. However, for those of you who are a little more conventional a different set of 22” (FA – 10.5×22 and RA 12×22) combination of tires with Vredestein UltracVorti tires is available too. The wheels are available in black, silver and hyper black.
Apart from the wheel tuning up, only a very minor alternation like the extended wheel arches is included. Hopefully, Hamman would come up with further more tuning packages containing advanced overall remodeling, both in terms of design and performance, for the F16 in coming future. However, at present the tune up BMW F16 remains at the factory defaults.

The default features

But not to get upset since F16 is already full on performance and styling. It comes with a large X shaped of its nose with huge headlights and 3D sculpted kidney grille. It also features some aerodynamic mechanism, including horizontal inlets of air intakes, air curtains and air breathers. The rear end is given a lower and better dynamic lid. The taillights have gone elongated and smoother. However, the most striking features of F16 remain its shrill creases and character lines alongside the sides.
Even on the interior F16 is complete on luxuries. How about the free-standing 10.2-inch LCD display right on the top of the dashboard, displaying all connected features in the car and outside through an intuitive iDrive interface.

Performance based engines

While, the X6 M50d has a 3.0 liter turbocharged engine, that can produce output up to 381 PS and 740 NM of torque, enough to reach 62 mph or 100km/h in 5.2 seconds, the X6 XDrive50i’s reworked 4.4 liter V8 engine can reach that speed in 4.8 seconds.
Even prior to the Hamman tuning up, BMW provides fascinating designs for their in-built wheels. By default the X6 offers 19” rims. However, there are overall 9 models available, comprising of 20” alternatives.



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