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BMW Motorrad Post Record Sales For The Fifth Consecutive Year!

BMW Motorrad are celebrating another increase in sales for 2017

For the first half of 2017 , showing an incredible 9.5% growth. The last six months have been great for the Bavarian company, but it has actually been a stellar last five years for them. 2017 will be the that BMW Motorrad has posted positive growth, and it’s a great thing for the motorcycle industry.

BMW Motorrad: Positive Growth And Record Sales

In the last six months, BMW Motorrad has sold an impressive 88,389 motorcycles to their customers, which is up by an unprecedented 9.5% from the first six months of last year’s 80,754. Naturally, these gains were mostly made in Europe, but positive growth has been recorded in Asia, South America, and unexpectedly, in the USA. of 2017, and they’ve attributed their sales slump to millennials and their dislike of motorcycles. Here, BMW Motorrad have clearly dispelled that idea. Not only are BMW motorcycles selling well…they’re actually selling better than ever. Well, in the last five years at least.

In Europe alone, BMW’s sales rose by 12.9%. In France, sales increased to 9,447 units, bringing gains of +21%. Italy’s sales rose to 9,099 units, a gain of +15%. Spain clocked 5,573 sales and +8% growth. The United Kingdom and Ireland also had a nice increase, with 5,410 units sold, equating to a +14% gain. Oh yeah, and then we’ve also got to mention Germany which is easily BMW Motorrad’s largest market. In Germany, 14,461 units were sold in the first half of the year – an increase of 4.9% from last year.

South America also showed a nice increase in sales, up by 16.3% from 2016 to 8,306 units sold in 2017 so far. Similarly, China also showed strong growth with 2,836 units sold – an increase of 18.8%. In fact, we expect the numbers for South America and Asia to grow even more rapidly over the next few years as BMW hone in on the small capacity market with their .

But how did they perform in the USA? It’s been a trying few years for the North American motorcycle industry, with many big names reporting losses. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Earlier on this year, Triumph posted HUGE gains, and now BMW are following suit too. In the US alone, BMW managed to shift 7,157 units which is an incredible 3.8% increase on last year. Here’s what BMW Motorrad’s General Director, Stephan Schaller, had to say:

“For all of us at BMW Motorrad it is a great pleasure and a confirmation of all our efforts that our customers continue to show us that we are on the right track with our model initiative.” We hope that BMW Motorrad are just one of many more manufacturers who post positive gains for the rest of 2017.


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