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Got A BMW R1200 GS Or GS Adventure? Get It Serviced Right NOW!

It’s not an official recall but if you’ve got a BMW R1200 GS or GS Adventure, get it to a dealership!

It’s not being labelled as a “recall” but BMW are urging that all BMW R1200 GS and GS Adventure owners to take their bikes to a service center, after reports of a massive fork issue have surfaced all over the world. That’s a lot of GS motorcycles. Since it’s one of the in the world, this problem (it’s not a recall, right?!) is likely to affect someone that you know, so spread the word and urge all your riding friends to get down to their nearest BMW Motorrad dealership stat!

Specifically, all BMW R1200 GS and GS Adventure models manufactured between November 2013 and June 2017 should be taken in for a service – and fast. We haven’t got the exact number of how many GS models that is, but it’s a lot. If it’s a liquid-cooled R1200 GS, you’re almost certainly going to be affected. But again, it’s important for us to stress that this isn’t a recall. A recall implies that the company are legally obliged to recall faulty products, but that’s not the case. BMW, however, are suggesting that all GS owners should take advantage of this service campaign and any potential suspension issues can be addressed. Free of charge. No questions asked. Say no more. Here’s what BMW had to say…

BMW R1200 GS & GS Adventure “Service Campaign” Details!

“As part of a service campaign, BMW Motorrad is checking the fixed fork tubes of the front forks on motorcycles of the R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS Adventure models for the production period November 2013 – June 2017.

BMW Motorrad has determined during ongoing field observations that the fixed fork tube of the specified models can suffer preliminary damage due to unusual incidents with momentary high stress without the user noticing the damage, e.g. through changed drivability. Such high stress can be caused e.g. when driving over an obstacle, during a fall or when driving through deep potholes with unvarying speed. Preliminary damage to the front wheel rim is also not unusual in such cases, but need not be necessarily present.

Potential preliminary damage to the fixed fork tube manifests itself through a gap between the pipe and the pressed in top seal plugs. For the check, the rubber grommet mounted in this position must be pushed down.
BMW Motorrad has therefore decided to check the above-mentioned vehicles and repair them if required. The owners of the affected motorcycles will be informed by BMW Motorrad. The service campaign is free of charge for customers.

Best regards,
BMW Motorrad Team”

What Next?

Well, BMW have formally acknowledged that there is a problem with the GS line, and they’re doing their absolute best to get it sorted as soon as possible, before any injuries or worse occur. Luckily, so far, none have been reported. But just because no-one has been hurt yet doesn’t mean no-one will be in the future. So with that in mind, if you’ve got one of the affected models, just go and get it sorted.


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