The BMW R1600C Concept – Is This The “XDiavel Killer” Power Cruiser?

This is the BMW R1600C Concept – It’s only a concept…but how much of it is true?

Updated August 24, 2018

A little while ago we heard rumors that were working on something to rival the XDiavel – could this R1600C Concept from Wunderlich be a sign of things to come? If the word on the street is anything to go by then the answer seems to be “yes” and we should be expecting BMW to be pulling the covers off of something similar in the not so distant future. With three major motorcycle trade shows on the horizon, perhaps the BMW/Ducati power cruiser duel can truly begin?

The Wunderlich BMW R1600C Power BMW Cruiser Concept

BMW R1600C Concept - BMW Cruiser 1

The funny thing about the BMW R1600C cruiser concept from Wunderlich designer Nicolas Petit is that it actually first surfaced quite a while ago. And then it disappeared, and it was never really talked about. Now, it’s resurfaced and it seems to be the “go to” stock image to use when talking about a potential BMW power cruiser. Since it was penned by Wunderlich, aka “BMW parts extraordinaire,” many people have been left wondering if Mr. Petit might have built his concept on top of classified insider information…And we’re hoping he did.

BMW R1600C Concept - BMW Cruiser 2

If the BMW R1600C concept is anything to go by, we could be looking at the unveiling of a very special BMW model sometime in the next couple of months. Powered by a fierce and sculpted into a comfortable but sporty looking chassis, with a single sided rear swing arm, it looks like BMW would have no problem with stepping on Ducati’s toes. Here’s what Wunderlich had to say about their awesome concept:

BMW R1600C Concept - BMW Cruiser 3

“A model has been hanging in the air for a while now that for many has embodied the American style of riding BMWs and which fans and insiders have longed for: The successor to the BMW R 1200 C. However: No news from Munich! That’s why together with our designer Nicolas Petit, we’ve given a lot of thought to the topic.

BMW R1600C Concept - BMW Cruiser 4

“The result is a brilliant, timely interpretation of the R 1200 C with red-hot technical features and innovative, refined design details. Even while standing it’s an ambitious riding machine that radiates power and sovereignty! Fired up by a 1600 cc flat twin! A consequently refined, independent cruiser that carries the genes of our highly regarded Wunderlich SpeedCruiser – and it shows!

“If the Bagger is an American sedan, our concept bike is a muscle car: It can cruise! But it can do a lot more!”

BMW R1600C Concept - BMW Cruiser 5

So, should we expect a BMW Power Cruiser at INTERMOT or EICMA? We think yes. It looks like the could be expecting some stiff competition.


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