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Fascinating 2020 BMW Truck Design by Taekang Lee

BMW Truck Design Keeps Hope Alive for German Automaker’s Newest Endeavor

When sports car and luxury automotive manufactures start to delve into other parts of the industry, it always leaves us wanting more information. While there has been no definitive word from BMW on the release of any kind of truck anytime soon, one of Taekang Lee’s designs still has the attention of those in the BMW circle. Released last February, this design features a classic BMW front grill that flows back into a little bed that resembles a Honda Ridgeline.

The sleek and low-profile truck is shaped more like an S10 than a heavy duty, but for BMW it is just right. Judging by the rendering’s nice off-road tires, we can expect this model would be geared for the outdoors more than a day’s work in the construction industry. From straight ahead it has a mean and ominous looking grill and front bumper. Squinty headlights must be backed by bright LED’s, which also means you have lots of room for your favorite lightbars and accessory lights. From the back, it’s tame and shows just how much clearance they aim to give you.

From the top, you can see hood vents popping out up by the firewall. We can only hope this would mean a top speed higher than 150 MPH, while still giving us the torque we need to really have some fun in something like this. After all, what good is a truck if you can’t tow some toys behind it? The roof spoiler is definitely intriguing, and we’re definitely left wondering how practical or necessary is really is.

This is not the first BMW truck rendering we have seen recently, but it is one of the ones that seems to keep resurfacing again and again. Renderings, like the one below, have also caught our attention, and it would appear there is a trend here. Whether or not this is a sign for more BMW trucks to come, we don’t know.



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