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BMW Vision Next 100 Is BMW’s Way Of Celebrating The Next Century

Updated March 8, 2016

Happy 100th birthday BMW! We have enjoyed 100 years of utmost commitment, innovation, luxury and sport coming from you and now, you are honoring us by releasing a rather special gift – a car created to show what things will be like in 100 year’s time. You are looking to the future and we like it.


Ladies and gentlemen, BMW is celebrating their 100th anniversary today (March 7). This is such a big deal that even Mercedes congratulated BMW for its 100th anniversary. .


Still BMW’s birthday card to themselves is the best one out there of course. They have revealed a car called the VISION NEXT 100. Ok, they dub their every concept car the Vision, but the Next 100 is unquestionably showing something incredible – it shows us what we can expect in the next century and it seems that sedans will dominate the streets then as well. Despite all the SUV craze, the BMW Next Vision 100 is a sedan. It looks bonkers, it has an upright kidney grill we have not seen on a Beemer since ages ago, has an almost coupe-like roof, and most importantly it can shape shift. No, really, it can and we are not 100 percent sure why! See those triangles on the wheel arches!? Well, they can shape shift, almost like Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. When one turns the steering wheel (or the car itself does it), the wheel arches sort of stretch providing enough room for the tires. At the back, metamorphosis takes place at higher speeds and the back end with the wheel arches is elongated making the car more aerodynamic.


BMW probably did all of this because of aerodynamics. After all, they have pointed out that the car has a drag coefficient of only 0.18, which is astonishing if we consider it is the size of (almost). Such innovative design clearly is aimed to provide a glimpse into the future of BMW vehicles. No, they will not shapeshift for sure (although they have showed similar capabilities with that awesome Gina concept before), but they will be extremely aerodynamic and autonomous.

The VISION NEXT 100 is an autonomous car with two modes for a driver to choose – Ease and Boost. The latter gives the driver full driving control which is a nice way of saying that BMW will leave some kind of control to drivers even when the entire world goes autonomous. “Ease” on the other hand, is like having a ride on a train. Quite nice, appealing and highly stylish train that is.


The interior is freed up of all unnecessary stuff such as buttons. Similarly, we cannot see many screens – except the awesome head up display on the entire windshield essentially. And the passengers will enter the car rather easily. Doors open all the way up and there is no B-pillar. This could actually be feasible in real life too. The NEXT 100 is made of a carbon fiber chassis and plastic parts. We all know that carbon fiber is extremely light and super rigid. And as its use in the car industry is becoming mainstream, pillarless cars should be a possibility (hopefully as well as four-door cabriolets for some strange reason).


As for the propulsion of this machine, we only know that fire will not be lit behind the upright kidney grill. BMW did not provide any info about the propulsion, but they did reveal that the kidney grille is there only to host sensors for an autonomous drive – this thing does not need air under the bonnet.


Thus, it is safe to assume that an all electric drive or hydrogen propulsion systems are in place here. BMW will surely release more details in the coming days. Now, this thing will stay merely a concept, but if we are to imagine a car that could come to life from it – the i8 would be our bet. BMW, committed to its sedan core, most certainly needs the car to fill the gap between and . This could serve as an awesome starting point. And yes, Tesla should be afraid, in spite of their 35 grand car unveiling later this month.

As a part of a celebration of the 100th anniversary, BMW will reveal the Rolls-Royce Grand Sanctuary concept and concept vehicles by Mini and BMW Motorrad. However, do not expect them before summer or Autumn.



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