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Delightful BMW Z4 Concept – A Compelling Case for the Dynamic Future of BMW

BMW Cracked the Code with a Z4 Concept Featuring Courageous Style

Published August 28, 2017

Finally, we are getting our first glimpses of the sports car matured under the tutoring of BMW and Toyota. This is the BMW Z4 Concept – an incredibly beautiful two-seat convertible made to reignite BMW’s sporty credentials.

BMW Z4 Concept

The Z4’s first appearance at thePebble Beach Concours d’Elegance  certainly gives us an insight into the future of the concept roadster. According to British media outlet Evo, who had a chance to talk with Marc Girard, head of BMW Concept design, the Z4 Concept reflects 80 percent of the production car.


As far as the styling goes, BMW made an effort to retain classic Z4 styling cues while simultaneously reinventing them with contemporary details. Sure, the car looks more like that beautiful Z4 from 15 years ago than its second generation, but that’s exactly what all of the BMW enthusiasts want. After seeing the stunning , the Z4 Concept ignites even greater passion among Ultimate Driving Machine lovers.

BMW Z4 Concept

BMW Z4 Concept With Style Worth Drooling Over

The Z4 Concept brings a whole slew of styling advancements over every BMW produced so far, starting with the front end, where one may find the most outrageous kidney grille ever mounted on a BMW. It doesn’t have slots, but rather a mesh material. Cool.

Due to its size, BMW designers had to reimagine the positioning of the front lights. We’ve certainly never seen long sweeping headlights like that on a Bimmer before, and the depart from traditional BMW halos works surprisingly well. For the first time ever, the lighting segments inside the housing are positioned one above another, instead of what we had with classic BMW design with the lights next to each other. And you know what? We like it.

BMW Z4 Concept

The sleek but keen design features some classic BMW stylings like short overhangs, a long bonnet, a shark-like front end and a rather angular carbon fiber lip at the front. Air vents behind the front wheels and cutouts on the hood allow for better aero as well as functional yet stylish air-cooling. Neat.

BMW Z4 Concept

But what about the roof?

As it turns out, BMW focused on having a cool soft top instead of a hardtop for the previous generation. It is a better solution for sure, but we have to wait to see how it will pan out on the production model. Nevertheless, when up, that soft-top will cover quite an appealing cabin filled with massive screens and a newly-designed dash. Oddly, we can also see interesting seats colored differently for the driver and the passenger, which isn’t exactly something we expect to see on the production version as an option.

BMW Z4 Concept

BMW and Toyota Tag-Team on the Ultimate Roadster Platform

What about ? Yes, it will ride on the same platform, crafted using the know-how acquired during the creation of the astonishingly carbon-fiber rich i3, i8, 7-series, and 5-series. With that in mind, Girard’s promise of a lightweight, sharp and highly dynamic Z4 seems to be on point.

BMW Z4 Concept

Right now, we do not know a lot about engine options, trim levels, transmissions or advanced suspensions solutions the Z4 may bring, but we’d wager the Z4 will come with either a turbocharged four-cylinder or a naturally aspirated six-cylinder. Given this is 2017 and we’re suddenly worried about emissions, perhaps one may even expect a hybrid. Could it be that a high-powered hybrid actually bears the name of the Z4M? It is honestly not entirely unimaginable. Nevertheless, the BMW Z4 Concept is gorgeous, stunning, compelling in its design, and luminous in its presence. Hats off to you, BMW. We can’t wait to see the real thing.

BMW Z4 Concept


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