Brand-New McLaren F1 For Sale With Only 149 miles On The Clock

This is Likely the Most Untouched Example of the F1 in Existence

Published October 26, 2017

As any gearhead knows, was the ultimate supercar/hypercar or “whateverCAR” in the Nineties. The Brits made only 106 examples, with 64 of them being road legal; only seven of those 64 were road-legal in the United States. Elon Musk had one, Rowan Atkinson raced and crashed one and all others had been spoken for or cherished by well-known enthusiasts, collectors, and pretty much really rich gearheads. Now, however, one McLaren F1, still unwrapped and produced in 1996, is for sale. Its tires never, ever touched the road or felt the soaking wet track. All of the miles put on it were made by McLaren test drivers before delivery. The sheer exclusivity of the car is possibly best showcased by the fact that it was never licensed or registered for road use. Hell, it still has all the paper and plastic covers on the interior.

McLaren F1 for sale Front 3/4 Passenger

Ordered and bought by a Japanese collector back in 1996, this McLaren F1 has been sitting in a carefully maintained garage with conditions perfect for preserving cars. It still has all the original pieces, including a complete set of tools, two keys, owner’s manual with hand-drawn diagrams, and special carbon fiber driver seat.

McLaren F1 for sale Tag Heuer Watch

Hell, it even has a spare steering wheel carefully wrapped in its original packaging. But the most daring thing about it is probably the special Tag Heuer watch with a matching serial number – F1 060. Every McLaren F1 buyer got one – this watch, however, has never been worn.

What is The Cost Of This Incredible McLaren F1 For Sale?

Considering that the used or even damaged McLaren F1 cars sell for millions of dollars, we are quite sure this one will go for more than 10 million. However, we do not know the price. The car is being sold via British supercar dealer Tom Hartley Jr. and buyers are already lining up.

McLaren F1 for sale Rear 3/4 Driver - Doors Up

The car is finished in Dandelion Yellow. It is not its exclusivity or the incredible fact that it covered only 149 miles that are its best merits. See, Dandelion Yellow covers the whole car and the rear flank as well. And there, under the paint, is a Gordon Murray signature. So, it is not only a piece of art, but the artist actually signed its work. Outstanding.

McLaren F1 for sale wrapped interior 1

Obviously, the Japanese owner knew what he was doing back then and he probably prepared the car for this very moment – its introduction on the market of extremely expensive classics. And he has one of the best.

McLaren F1 for sale gauge cluster

If preserved, this car could become one of the most praised, if not even the most expensive car in the world in the next 20 or so years. After all, the 231 mph machine is extremely capable even today, 20 years after its introduction. It was a hypercar of its age.

If you’re unfamiliar with the specs of the F1, it has a BMW V12 good for 627 hp, a curb weight of 2,509 lbs, and a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds. It can cover the 1/4 mile in 11.045 seconds at 138 mph.

While these specs don’t exactly wow us anymore when compared to the likes of modern hypercars, bear in mind that this is a vehicle which recently celebrated its 20th birthday. Let that sink in, and you might understand why its probably going to sell for upwards of $20 million.

It’s very difficult to put a number on a car as priceless as this one, but hopefully within the next week or so, we’ll know exactly what it’s worth. McLaren F1 for sale extra goodies McLaren F1 for sale extra goodies 2 McLaren F1 for sale engine bay 1 McLaren F1 for sale engine bay 2 McLaren F1 for sale Rear Hatch McLaren F1 for sale tool kit McLaren F1 for sale fusebox McLaren F1 for sale side panel McLaren F1 for sale steering wheel close McLaren F1 for sale steering wheel far McLaren F1 for sale rear end McLaren F1 for sale front end McLaren F1 for sale rear 3/4

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