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Bugatti Chiron 0-250-0 Time Is Hard To Believe

We still do not have a clue about how fast is . Ok, it will hit 62mph in two seconds or so, but what is its unlimited top speed!? Announced limited top speed of 261 mph seems more than enough for anyone, but this thing with a 1,500hp engine can pull more. Now, at the time when the production actually started, we are getting more and more information about the real specs and performance numbers. Yet, the top speed will probably remain a mystery till sometime in 2018. Some even expect it to be close to 290 mph. Or, just imagine it at 300 mph.

Now, the latest piece of information regarding the insane performance of the Bugatti Chiron comes courtesy of Evo Magazine journalist, Dan Prosser. He had dinner with Bentley and Bugatti CEO, Wolfgang Durheimer, who informed him that the Chiron will accelerate to 250 mph and then stop in less than one minute. Now, this is insane and ludicrous at the same time.

We cannot even grasp our head around it as no other car in history has attempted something similar.

We can, however, loosely compare it to who tried out 0-186-0 pass. It did it in 17.95 seconds. This is super fast. The Chiron could match the One:1 in this one but it will decimate it when going faster. See, the One:1 did not achieve its top speed yet. We do not know what it is, but Andreas from Koenigsegg did say that the car would achieve a theoretical top speed of 273 mph.


The Bugatti Chiron rides with the eight-liter W16 engine with quad turbochargers and 1,500hp. It’s the most powerful, the most precise thing ever created by Volkswagen, or by anyone else for that matter.


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