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Bad seatback welds force Bugatti to recall 47 hypercars

Nearly one-sixth of total Bugatti Chiron output called back

When you lay out a cool $3 million for a hypercar, you expect everything to be as close to perfect as possible. Indeed, you don’t expect the driver’s seat to fall apart because of lousy welding work. That’s why the VW subsidiary Bugatti has issued a recall for nearly two-thirds of the first year’s production of their limited-edition hypercar. The automaker recalled 47 Chirons, said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), to fix improperly welded seat recliner brackets on the hypercar’s front seats.

Problem leaves you scratching your head

Honestly, it’s a problem that leaves you scratching your head. You would think that with a somewhat leisurely production rate of a bit less six hypercars per month they would catch things like poor welds, especially on an item as necessary as a seat. However, somehow, builders missed them. The result could leave a driver fighting to stay in place as an unruly Bugatti Chiron slices through a high-speed corner.

Bugatti recalls 47 Chirons.

NHTSA as much as said so in the paperwork posted on its website, safercar. In announcing the voluntary recall, NHTSA, the agency charged with monitoring vehicle safety said the improper welds might lead to “the driver’s seating position” changing unexpectedly which, in turn, “could increase the risk of a crash.” To put it another way, if a seatback were to slip down suddenly, after the failure of a weld, the driver could be left flailing at what could be the world’s worst time.

Bugatti has begun notifying owners of the problem. Service centers will inspect the critical welds on the Chiron’s seatback recliners. If the staff finds compromised welds, Bugatti will replace the seat assembly free of charge.

Owners can contact Bugatti, NHTSA

For more information, Chiron owners can contact the automaker’s customer service department at 805-557-1050 for further details. Or, owners can contact the NHTSA at its vehicle safety hotline 888-327-4236 for information. Customers can also contact the agency at its website. The recall number is 17V764000.











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