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Burnout Sprays Flaming Fuel Into Australian Crowd [VIDEO]

Flaming Burnout Results in Multiple Injuries and an Investigation

We all know that heading out to a track event runs the chance of a mishap, but not like this. In most cases, we expect to see a crash, maybe one hitting a wall or a slide off into the midfield. The last thing that this crowd was expecting was to be ducking under a fireball headed their way.

It isn’t known whether the fuel leak began before the driver started the burnout or if it was already there. A grand total of 12 people went t the hospital for burns with close calls for others. We see as the car winds up that a small spark leads to a sudden flare up kicking towards spectators.

Accidents like this reinforce the need for safety on the track as well as in the stands. In this case, a nearly non-existent buffer between spectators and the stunt contributed directly to the injuries. This fireball brought the event to a halt as firefighters, police, and EMTs moved in to assist. After the caring for the injured people, they started an investigation of the accident immediately.

We hate to see a fun day at the track come to a halt but the video below serves as a safety reminder for all of us. Whether you’re a contender or a spectator at an event, make sure you leave as healthy as you were when you got there. We also invite you to share stories about events you’ve attended where there has been some kind of mishap.


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