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California Fights Trump on Vehicle Pollution Laws

Earlier this year a review of automotive emissions was issued by California Air Resources Board (CARB) that clearly shows how effective and successful their rules and limitations were at dramatically decreasing pollution levels. Mary Nichols, CARB chairperson, asserts that their rules are sustainable and GHG emission standards are completely feasible and have been since the standards were supported and adopted by a number of prominent automakers in 2012.

The regulations on vehicle emissions for 2022-25 were unanimously approved and ratified by California’s pollution regulator. California Air Resources Board (CARB) has decided, that no matter the changes the federal government may make in terms of pollution guidelines to auto manufacturers they will continue to apply and enforce their own.

This was in response to Trump administration’s EPA leader Scott Pruitt’s promise to relax fuel economy statutes on the industry. Upon hearing California’s response an anonymous source from trump administration voiced their disappointment in the decision as they believe reevaluating emission rules is an important issue the industry has to work together on, according to .

Pruitt believes that the 2025 emissions standards (making 52.6 miles per gallon the mandatory fuel economy for any car produced) merit review and is clearly interested in changing the rules, which could be a major setback for environmental standards across the board.

Will this lead to legal battles regarding emission levels? CARB is considered a useful guideline when creating and updating other state regulations on pollution (which are frequently stricter than EPA limits). Truth be told, there have been efforts to roll back EPA 2025 rules prior to trump administration by organizations like the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers who claimed that cleaner vehicles resulted in higher consumer costs, therefore are harmful to the industry, even though the CARB program is dedicated to providing cleaner and cheaper cars, so this may not be surprising to many.


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