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Camal and Tacita’s “BOLD” Electric Concept

BOLD by name and bold by nature – this latest electric design concept boasts an alluring supersport aesthetic, and a proposed charging time of 30 minutes. That’s right – 30 minutes. The design project was undertaken by Italy’s famous Camal studio, in conjunction with another well-known Italian brand: Tacita.

While may be better known for penning the designs for some of the world’s most fantastic and intriguingly beautiful luxury cars, they’ve decided to bring their design skills across to the two wheeled side of the board. Their task was to build a unique and interesting motorcycle for the future, and after teaming up with electric motorcycle specialists Tacita, this is what they’ve come up with.

Based around an frame (which Camal and Tacita haven’t specified), and mated to a set of USD forks and Brembo brakes, this electric bike isn’t quite as outrageous as most of the other designs we’ve seen before. But wait – it gets better! Whenever we show , the usual comments appear: range, gearing, and feel. Range is something that will solve itself in the near future – but gearing and overall “feel”, well, these guys have built this for you. Unlike most , the BOLD comes with a five speed transmission.

Yeah, it comes with gears – in fact, all of Tacita bikes come with a regular transmission that allows for “the best gear ratio for every situation, reducing the overheating of the engine and the consumption of electricity.” How about that, eh? You can have an electric motor with outstanding speed and power delivery, and still have gears to play with. That’s not a bad compromise, is it? And the motor itself is powered by a 10.6 Kwh battery, and all in, the BOLD is capable of producing 100 hp, with an incredible 115 lb-ft of torque, and a possible 0 – 60 mph in around 2.9 seconds.

Range, is of course, another stumbling block but the press release claims that you’ll need to stop for a recharge after around 60 miles of hard riding. It’s not much, but if you’ve got a handy charging station nearby, you can charge it up to around 80% in just thirty minutes. Plenty of time for a coffee and smoke. Naturally, that’s only good if you’ve got a charging station out on your favorite road…which is sadly unlikely, given that your favorite road probably doesn’t even have a conventional gas station on it, if your riding habits are anything like mine. The range issue will eventually resolve itself in time. Surely?

At the moment, it’s only a concept – and more of a design exercise at that. Hopefully, more designers will cotton on to the fact that traditional motorcyclists still prefer to play around with a few gears. It might not be the most economical of compromises, but the electric world needs to find something to tempt us over…right?


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