Camaro vs Mustang vs Challenger on the Drag Strip

John Hennessey and Mike Musto Meet to Discuss the Modern-Day Muscle Car

Updated August 29, 2017

The 60’s and 70’s; a time when American Muscle cars were at their prime. When a car was good at one thing: power. Nowadays, consumers expect their Chrysler Pacifica to be sporty to drive but equally as practical. With such diverse needs in the auto industry, we can get a little worried sometimes when the line between muscle cars and family SUVs starts to get a little blurrier.

Mike Musto and John Hennessey teamed up to pit the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Ford Mustang GT350R and Chevrolet Camaro 1LE against each other in a fight to the death on the drag strip. They reckon that despite some of the strange things happening in the auto industry, muscle cars today are the best they’ve ever been. Controversial…


With the exception of the Mustang GT350R, the cars are bone stock but are top of the range models. The Mustang is John Hennessey’s personal car so he supercharged it. Why? Because that’s his thing. Mike Musto happened to be passing through the state of Texas when he and Hennessey got together to put the three to the test:

In the 60’s and 70’s it was hard to imagine that a muscle car could look good, be fully loaded with creature comorts, handle itself around a track AND have 650+ hp on tap. While these dreams are now full-fledged realities, it’s important to appreciate the road that classic muscle paved for the cars we love and enjoy today.



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