Can Honda S660 – “the Kei speedster” Make It To The Worldwide Markets This Year?

Published January 9, 2015

Finally, the news is that much anticipated replacement of Honda S2000 may hit the market later in 2015. The question is if it can woo your hearts or not. According to the leaked reports its production has been given a go and probably we’d soon see it in action.


Size does matter:

However, before you get your adrenaline levels high, let me WARN you! It is a Japanese Kei car, and while being the size of 133.8 x 58.2 inches and weight of about 1830 pounds, well suited for the Japanese standards; it is even smaller than the smallest American car available for purchase. Do you know how larger is Chevrolet spark? Hint? 144 x 62 inches? Did that break your heart? Of course, for those who were looking to replace Honda S2000 since its production was stopped, Honda S660 may come as a disappointment, it is still a little hustle devil with  a 660 cc motor of 63 horsepower at around 6,000 rpm, while the peak torque of 77 pound-feet of torque at 2,600 rpm.

It is not certain whether markets other than Japan would actually get to see the roadster baby. Nonetheless, if that happens we might get an additional 1-liter motor at roughly 127 HP as was indicated in the Tokyo Motor Show 2013. But whether that’s really going to happen or not, still remains a mystery, given that they have scaled down the current version from its concept.  For now I have my hopes restrained. Also, even with the upgrade would that make much of a difference?

The toned down design:

If we talk about its aesthetics, there are quite many changes in that regard too from the concept presented earlier. According to the leaked official images and specs of Honda S660, you may forget the supercharged interiors and be prepared for more traditional appearance. For example, how do you like the conventional round steering wheel in place of what was proposed? Even then, the sporty outlook remains more or less similar from the concept presented at Tokyo Motor Show. Slight slimming about the vent has been done. Previously blacked out graphics that surrounded the rear are now replaced by the body color. And, these are not the only changes from the concept.The available body colors are purple, orange, red, blue, yellow and grey.

Now, with the given specs I wonder if it’s really going to stand out. Well, come on, there are many other options that could provide you double that HP in the same weight range. How about a Geo Metro Convertible? In fact for the power and other specs it might pass for just another car that you will find around you. And, then, not to forget that not many of them would easily fit inside such a dwarf-sized baby. What if they fit? Like really? How do you think S660 is going to cope up with that measly 63HP?


Overall, Honda S660 is a small-sized Japanese Kei car, with optimized power as per the Japanese Kei car guidelines. In its current state it hardly has much chances of making to the markets outside Japan. So, you’d better start looking for better alternatives and forget that at once you thought you might find a S2000 replacement.



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