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Not so long ago, Ferrari and its cars were sorts of deities in the world of cars. No one had the courage to tinker with them or to upgrade them (ok, some did try). Then, capitalism produced a whole bunch of new millionaires and all of them wanted to drive a cool car. Since its…

It’s not often that aficionados and enthusiasts alike get a chance to buy a one-of-a-kind foreign beauty. One German dealership is offering the chance for you to do just that. Listed on a dealership’s website, known as Semco Exclusive Cars, is a Koenigsegg One of 1, RS compilation. Now before you get too excited, we…

Bugatti Chiron US

The US finally got their first Bugatti Chiron. Delivered for the first US customer, the first Chiron at the US soil appeared at the Pebble Beach Monterey Car Week. It is hard to find a better spot for a car of this status to show its flesh. And it's yellow. Well, half of it at…

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