Drag Race: Challenger Hellcat vs Grand Cherokee Trackhawk [VIDEO]

It’s a 6.2L HEMI showdown in this Hellcat vs Trackhawk drag race showdown

Published January 2, 2018

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a rare sight on the drag strip, especially when facing a muscle car. However, with the 6.2L HEMI introduced for the Hellcat lineup, the Jeep is a real contender. The Challenger Hellcat is the perfect match to see what this blown motor can do on the strip.

The much larger body of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk might seem at first to be a disadvantage. Luckily, the Challenger Hellcat comes with the heavyweight status to make a rather even match. At first glance, you may think that the winner is an easy pick. However, with this wide body showdown, don’t be so quick to judge the participants. This Jeep Grand Cherokee is about as far from the grocery getters and school run makers you probably see in your city.

This drag strip video comes from the Texas based Hennessey Performance to show off the 2018 builds. The tuner has its own test track so they have all the time and space they need to make pairings like this happen. A standing start is where we begin for a rubber peeling, RWD Hellcat vs AWD Trackhawk run down the strip.

The difference in drive modes gives the Jeep an easy lead as all four wheels grab the tarmac. However, the heavy Challenger still has a weight advantage which gives the opportunity to close the gap. The Trackhawk and the Hellcat both take advantage of their 6.2L HEMI giving each 707 horsepower.

The paperwork on both shows that the Hellcat comes in at a healthy 10.9 seconds time on the quarter mile. Meanwhile, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk comes down with an impressive 10.6. Paperwork is paperwork though, whether it’s official or not and we need to see it in real life. Lucky for us, Hennessey recorded their showdown on the drag strip for us to see. Check out the video below and see just which one of these 6.2L beauties makes it down the quarter mile first.


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