This Chevrolet Cruze is Cosplaying As A Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG

Holden Cruze, You won’t trick anyone

Published November 23, 2017

We get the feeling that the owner of  wasn’t exactly sober-minded when they decided to turn the car into a freaking Mercedes-Benz AMG. Yes, it happened; where other than down under? In Melbourne, you see. Now, the car in question isn’t actually a Chevrolet Cruze, but a Holden Cruze translated into something that resembles a Mercedes-Benz AMG car.

Chevrolet Cruze CLK55

The back side of the machine clearly states – CLK55 AMG, but if you have any memory of the CLK55 AMG, you’ll probably recall it looks nothing like this.

This Cruze Doesn’t Look Terrible, but it Also Looks Nothing Like the Real CLK55 AMG 

This was a monster car 15 years ago. As a C-class coupe version, the CLK55 really was the best entry grand tourer available. Comfortable, large, filled with electronic powered luxury stuff, and best of all, it had a 5.4L V8. Like most offerings from AMG, not a car to be easily dismissed.

Chevrolet Cruze CLK55 Front 3/4

Imagining that the Cruze could ever become such a machine is only a dream. This car might come close in the creature comforts department, but it’s doomed from the start with what’s likely to be a 153 hp 1.4L turbo-four.

While we can’t say much about the more intimate details of this car, but it obviously sports a heavily modified exterior. The fenders, bumpers, lights, and grille have all been dramatically changed compared with the standard model. While this is somewhat strange, if not bizarre, there is no denying that this is a job well done.

Chevrolet Cruze CLK55 Rear

While we’ve only really got two pictures to go off of, it’s obvious that someone invested serious time to craft this car. The seals seem to be perfect. There are no strangely misplaced body surfaces, and even the lights seem to be more in line with the refinement expected from  Mercedes-Benz and not from Holden.

Nevertheless, some will like it – the majority definitely won’t. After all, just scroll through the comments on the post. You may be more than surprised by some. There are people, right now, that think this actually is the new Mercedes-AMG as Iron Chef Imports noted in its own post.

The Real CLK55 AMG

Perhaps the owner should consider rebadging to something a little more downplayed. Maybe it could pass as an E350!

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