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Chicago Auto Show Hosted A Quite Appealing Nissan 370Z NISMO Roadster

Nissan Z series of automobiles are quite remarkable. After they’ve introduced the 350Z back in 2002, the world became somewhat richer for a cheap, affordable, but quite capable and fast sports car. After thirteen years in production and countless versions of it, Nissan has finally previewed their NISMO version of the newest 370Z Roadster and it is still in its concept form. The Nissan 370 Z NISMO Roadster Concept is one of the highlights of this year’s Chicago Auto Show. It is true that we’ve seen some really amazing cars here but really, the NISMO tuned Nissan Z  will be icing on the cake. It is true that we have already seen the coupe version of the NISMO but a 370Z without a roof is a much more appealing car.

The reason why Nissan actually bothered to develop a car and to bring it in Chicago is simply because they are in need of one more sports car in their portfolio, but Nissan North America Vice President of Product Planning, Pierre Loing also said, “The idea of adding NISMO levels of look, feel and performance to a Nissan 370Z Roadster is one that we’ve been considering for a long time.” He also added “The creation of the Nissan 370Z NISMO Roadster concept brings that idea to life and lets us judge consumer reaction – which we predict is going to be outstanding.”

So, Nissan is committed to the creation of the unique blend of performance and sporty appearance of their best looking Roadster and with it they really want to capture the minds of youngsters who are probably just about the right age to earn, or to get (as a present of course), the wonderful sporty Roadster that will not crush its budget like a sledgehammer.

Even though this is still a concept, the Nissan 370Z NISMO Roadster is ready to hit the streets. New features include a completely new sporty front bumper, carbon fiber spoiler at the back and the skirts that are obviously sourced from other NISMO cars. More Importantly, 19 inch aluminum wheels got a Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires which will up the sporty credentials by a lot. After all, this is a car that can serve for showing off, but the tech underneath that metal is rather impressive. NISMO tuned suspension will certainly be cherished  even by the car enthusiast who will persistently try to find the absolute limits of this car. Luckily for those in need of some tire shredding excitement, the 370Z NISMO Roadster Concept Is equipped with the limited slip rear differential which with stiffer springs and other NISMO tuned elements on the suspension can provide Ken-Block-Level of drifting possibilities.

As it is known, the Nissan 370Z NISMO Roadster is powered by the same sports engine you could find in a regular 370Z, although NISMO tweaked it a bit so its more punchier and aggressive on the throttle. With 350 HP and 276 lb ft of torque the engine is connected to seven speed automatic transmission with Downshift Rev Matching technology. All of this promises that the car will be available on the markets in a few months and it is clear it will have a bit less exciting performance  in comparison with the Coupe (which accelerates  to 62 mph in 5,2 seconds and easily reach 155 mph).



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