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Confederate Motors Rebrands And Goes Electric!

It’s true: Confederate Motors will be rebranding, and swapping out engines for electric motors.

It seems like we can expect a new name and a whole new direction for Alabama’s – the renowned company are swapping v-twins for electric motors and renaming the company altogether. It might come as a surprise, since the Confederate trade name has been an unbridled success, but the times are a-changing, and the company is seeking a new direction.

The Last Confederate Motors Model: The FA-13 Combat Bomber

Confederate Motors might be famous for their unique and sculptural v-twin cruisers but it appears those days are over. Having just pulled the covers off of their latest model, the FA-13 Combat Bomber, the boss of Confederate Motors, Matthew Chambers, explained that the company would be trying something new as soon as the new Combat Bomber cruiser line is completely sold out.

The new company will go by the name of Curtiss Motorcycles. The name “Curtiss” is a clear nod to the pioneering aviator Glenn Curtiss. Though better remembered as an airman, Curtiss was a keen motorcyclist who racked up a few official and unofficial land speed records in his time. Either winged or on two wheels, Curtiss was known as a revolutionary chap who had no fear of trying new things – and that’s exactly what the newly formed Curtiss Motorcycles will be doing. The days of the Confederate Motors v-twin are over – because Curtiss Motorcycles will be an all electric enterprise.

Partnering with, Curtiss Motorcycles have announced that their first model will be called the Hercules, and it will be powered by TWO Zero motors. It’s expected that this new electric machine will boast around 175 hp and approximately 290 lb – ft of peak torque when all is said and done.

Confederate Motors Becomes Curtiss Motorcycles

Why the sudden change in name and direction? It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that the Confederate brand name isn’t an ideal moniker in today’s political climate. Negative connotations and unfortunate associations haven’t exactly helped sales, and because of that, the company felt the need to rebrand. Here’s what Confederate President Matthew Chambers told the Los Angeles Times: “I think we lost a lot a business with that name. We’ve missed out on branding opportunities. So, it’s time to retire it.”

On the sudden change in powerplant, Chambers explained: “We can’t go any further than this. We’ve hit the ceiling. This is it.” The new partnership with Zero Motorcycles will allow Curtiss Motorcycles to produce a new breed of power cruiser. According to initial design sketches, it seems like the companies future models will be sleek, streamlined cruisers with electric powertrains, wrapped in Confederate bodywork that we already know and love.

We don’t know when to expect the new Curtiss machines, but until then you can still try your hardest to get your hands on the new FA-13 Combat Bomber. Well, if you’ve got a spare $155,000 in your wallet, that is.



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