Confederate x132 Hellcat Takes Motorcycle Manufacturers By Storm With The Ultimate Beast

Updated February 20, 2015

Confederate Motorcycles may not necessarily be the most popular manufacturer in the world, yet it does have a very specific niche or target. The company has mostly focused on industrial looking motorcycles. Basically, they underline a high level of attention to small details, but they are also aggressive and artistic. From many points of view, these masterpieces look like actual toys. Hand craftsmanship is one of the leading characteristics, while the perfect aesthetic design is not even worth being mentioned.

In order to complete a perfect scenario, the motorcycles are powerful and very aggressive. The company is relatively new when compared to its competition. It has just been established about two decades ago. With all these, it does stand up in the crowd. When looking for front runners, Confederate x132 Hellcat is as close to perfection as a rider can get.

Confederate Motorcycles is known for setting its priorities crystal clear – performance and design down to the smallest screws and bolts. On the same principle, the manufacturer is hardly trying to introduce its fans to the American way. It is just part of its mission. Therefore, each of its models is advertised to underline energy, spirit and good looks. With such inspirational ideas in mind, it is no surprise why Confederate x132 Hellcat is so widely appreciated. The first Hellcat models came to life more than a decade ago. They have not evolved too much until this one hit the market. It makes a perfect blend between the old fashioned hot rod and the modernist motorcycle.

Riders get the opportunity to enjoy a highly individualized suspension fork. The rear part was not left behind either, since it comes with coilover shocks. Both the front suspension and the rear shocks are adjustable. The wheels are different. They carry the BlackStone Tek technology and they are entirely made of carbon fiber, which makes them very lightweight. The rear one is more than two times wider than the front one. Aside from the wheels, the front and rear fenders are made of carbon fiber as well. The same goes for the fuel tank. However, it is painted in a matte color, so you cannot really tell the material. Carbon fiber is used in the seat pan, chain guard and heat shield as well. With these elements in mind, Confederate x132 Hellcat weighs around 500 pounds.

The seat is different from what you can find in other motorcycles. It adopts a tractor style, yet it is entirely made of leather. Handlebars are comfortable and intuitive, as well as the front placed foot controls. According to the manufacturer, Confederate x132 Hellcat suggests the traditional American riding position.

Confederate x132 Hellcat Back

In the end, the motorcycle can be purchased by ordering it separately. It is not mass produced though. You have to come up with a deposit, then pay the rest once the production is over. Costs float around $65,000. It sounds a little too much for a motorcycle, but it is definitely unique, while the performance is exquisite.

Confederate x132 Hellcat Look



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