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DeLorean Sports Car Rendering Is So Cool It Should Happen

Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act passed in 2015 paved the way for a number of small car manufacturers. We are witnessing the revival of , is selling more vehicles than ever, while are building better Mustangs than ever. Joining the party is , who announced in October they will start building the original spec cars at a plant in Humble, Texas. Back then, their representative even noted that DeLorean has enough original parts to build at least 300 units of the car.

DeLorean, however, is not only popular in the US. Check out the magnificent work of the Ukrainian designer Yevheniy Bratchyk who animated its own version of the DeLorean. In fact, this one is updated, adapted for the 21 century. And it did receive an appropriate name – DMC21 instead of DMC12.

Inspired by the original, Bratchyk created a modern incarnation of the DMC12. This one has much the same basic shape and it even has that stainless steel look. However, the front lights hidden behind the grille use lasers, under thin stainless steel sheets resides a composite body, while the aerodynamic features include an active diffuser, adjustable spoilers and other features modern fast car have.

As expected, gullwing doors made an appearance here too. After all, what is a DeLorean without gullwing!? Just a car! John DeLorean certainly was an engineering genius but his deals with cocaine and other gray business ventures destroyed him and his vision. Now, the company from Texas who bought the rights to the car and all what was left of the DMC is getting ready to resurrect the production. The car will receive a major update, mind you. We may even consider it a restomod or something like that.

V6 inside?

Expect 300-400 hp modern engine, better brakes, better suspension and better everything else for that matter. However, the looks will remain the same which leads us to really think about this Ukrainian concept. It would be a nice addition to the market for sure. The designer even thought of it as an electric car. Considering that the DeLorean Motor Company who bought all the assets of the original company already experimented with the electric propulsion DMC-12’s, this Ukrainian concept may even be interesting to them.

“Two-seater, fully-electric coupe fastback with the canonical gullwing doors shows an evident kinship with the DMC-12,” says Bratchyk. “A proportional ratio conveys the spirit of the previous model.”

All in all, it is nice to see that the whole world craves for something unconventional like this. Only if someone made a business case that would actually work. New beautiful DeLoreans might be a thing.


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